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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mouse Wars...Chapter 3

*sigh* I'm getting REALLY tired of mice. Kristy no likey Mice in her house. *double sigh* Here we go...as of Sunday night the score was Mice:1 MeYeR's:6 and Dan and I were heading to bed. Next scene...the BAD NEWS. Mice are really resourceful, despite having a teeny tiny brain. I got up with Dan at 4:30 and headed into the kitchen to make Dan's lunch. I peeked into the hamster cage and only saw 1 mouse...I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was seeking clearly and yes, to my horror, realized that they had chewed a hole through the roof of the hamster cage and all but 1 had escaped. Make that Mice:6 MeYeR's:1 Not a happy start to my day. I started the coffee pot and pondered what the next step should be. Yea, no idea! Boo! Anywho, I proceeded to start Dan's lunch and hear a tell tale squeak...I peeked behind the fridge and to my delight, 3 mice stuck to one trap...hurray! So, I excitedly called for Dan to hurry up so they didn't get away somehow. About this time 'Shua showed up to pick up Dan for work. He checked behind the fish tank, and we had re-caught that one too! Yeah...now we are moving in the right direction! Dan checked the other traps and when all is said and done on this early Monday morning, we now have 9, yes NINE in the hamster cage that has been reinforced and I also got a large Rubbermaid tote and put the whole thing inside of that box, just in case...LOL! Charlie better come today and get these things!!
Look for chapter 4..coming soon I'm sure : )

MeYeR's: 9 total caught/produced (counting the babies born later that day) 18

PS...on the upside of this whole scene: I've found a new way to entertain the cat...it's like TV for cats! There's only one channel, but she doesn't seem to mind!


jolincountry said...

Wow. What a story!
Glue traps are Kristy's friend!!

Kimberly said...

The cat does seem happy about the mice. You could get a snake to help with the mouse problem, too.

DaintyDecker said...

That is cute! Your kitten is definitely entertained.

The Ruoss Crew said...

Wow...that's all I can say. Wow.

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