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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Countdown Post

I know, it's after Christmas. I had wanted to do this really cute ongoing post series about the super cool countdown we did for Christmas. Ahh, the best laid plans and all that : ) So, instead of 10 posts about it, I will spare you every single detail and just post a few pics of the best activities.
The idea behind it is to do something fun each day that leads up to Christmas, to build the excitement, get a few things done, spend some quality time together, think of others and (perhaps the most important one) keep the "I-can't-wait-for-Christmas' blues/boredom away. So, join me for a quick recap of our adventures down Christmas Lane.
~Day 1: Boys are already saying how silly/lame this is, but once they open the envelope that says MAKE FUDGE, they are on board. We make fudge, eat too much and start looking forward to tomorrow's activity.
~Day 2: Go to Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.
~Day 3: Eat dinner backwards. Boys were glad to start with fudge
~Day 4: Watch "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
~Day 5: Take coloring pages to children's hospital or Dr office.
~Day 6: Make Paper snowflakes. This was a huge hit with everyone
~Day 7: Board Games
~Day 8: Do something nice for a neighbor
~Day 9: Take treats to Police/Fire Dept. (boys did NOT want to do this...it won't make the list next year)
~Day 10: Camp out in the Living Room. Boys LOVED this one, although by the time they finally quit wiggling and giggling at nearly midnight, *I* wasn't loving it so much. HA
~Day 11: Movie Night with popcorn and fudge
~Day 12: Out for Ice Cream with Grandparents
~Day 13: Kids Choice~ they opted for a movie again
~Day 14: Card Games~ Fluxx, anyone?
~Day 15: Volunteer at homeless shelter/soup kitchen (sadly, we couldn't coordinate schedules between Dan working late, me working early, David's gym schedule and only having one car. Next year!!)
~Day 16: Gingerbread house
~Day 17: Bake cookies
~Day 18: Movie Night
~Day 19: Treasure Hunt Dinner (another one that didn't quite work out due to schedules, but I'll know better for next time)
~Day 20: **Mama's Birthday** Eat out at fave restaurant. Hello, Texas Road House!
~Day 21: Dice Games/Dominoes
~Day 22: Kids Choice. They picked Living Room Camp out (but thankfully went to sleep sooner this time)
~Day 23: Sing at Nursing Home (this one was just for me, but ended up not happening, we were too close to the hysteria of Christmas by then)
~Day 24: Go look at lights with hot cocoa and cookies. Mmmmm, hello CHRISTmas!
If you are interested in trying this activity this coming Christmas, it can be found here (http://lifeasmom.com/2011/11/a-christmas-countdown-family-activity.html) Have fun!
PS. Pics are on other memory device. I'll add them later. rats.

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Stacie said...

That so totally rocks, Kristy! I think I might have to incorporate some of those ideas into our Christmas Countdown for next year! Thanks for sharing.

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