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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: January 12, 2012
Outside my window... The sun tries valiantly to shine through the clouds. It is chilly (low 40s) and gray.
I am thinking...that God is too gracious to me.
I am thankful...that He is.
In the kitchen...sadly, nothing this minute. However, menu for the week is
  • Monday~Daddy brought home pizza
  • Tuesday~Tacos
  • Wednesday~Crustless quiche YUM~O
  • Thursday~leftovers
  • Friday~Game Night (no dinner, just veggies and dip, crackers and cheese, and chips and salsa
  • Saturday~Lunch sammies, Dinner Homemade pizza
  • Sunday~Lunch TBD, Dinner popcorn and veggie tray

I am wearing...Brown t-shirt, faded jeans, ankle socks and slip on shoes.
I am creating...clean carpets after this morning's boy vomit and cat diarrhea. Yes, it's been that kind of day : )
I am going...crazy, wanna come? Just kidding. I have tutoring from 3:30-5:30 and then Kohl's from 6-11. Somewhere in there, D has to get to gym from 5:30-8:30
I am wondering...how long the boys are going to put off doing their chores and school since I am NOT reminding/nagging them today. Should be interesting.
I am reading...21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership/ White Oleander (not really liking it, but I read every book to the end. Just one of my *things*) and Philippians every day for January
I am hoping...to become a better person this year, through prayer, much reading, and self discipline.
From the school room...an inde study day since DT is not well. We did some reading together this morning and he's been resting on the couch for the day. The BIGS were assigned 1 hour of educational reading, a math lesson, a writing exercise and a brain game. (a nice easy return to schooling since we just started back yesterday.)
I am looking forward to...a weekend without kids later in January. I love a free hotel room AND people to watch the kids!
I am learning...that I don't have the self discipline I used to, and that I need to re-find it and USE it
Around the house...a sad little dog is waiting to have his ear sewn back on after a wrestling match earlier this week, there are crumbs on the tablecloth, and PILES of dishes waiting to be attended, but it may just not happen today.
I am pondering...belly button lint, the sad state of the US economy and the contents of my pantry.
A favorite quote for today...'Lack of preparation on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on my part'.
One of my favorite things...rows of home canned tomatoes
A few plans for the rest of the week: Well since I'm late, there isn't much 'week' left. However, tomorrow is Game Night, Saturday is a shift at the gym, Sunday is church and preparing for the new week. That sounds like enough.
A peek into my day...an interesting way to use the counting cubes sent by big brother 'Shua.

PS> If you like this type of post, join me over at www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com to read more daybooks like this or check her out on FB.

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