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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What is contentment?

What IS contentment???
~Is it having everything you ever wished for to come true?
~Is it having the perfect husband, kids or house?
~Is it being the best mom on the block, the prettiest or the smartest?
~Is it having the perfect job, hair-do, nails, or clothes?
~Is it having the money to do whatever strikes your fancy...from travelling the globe for fun to giving huge amounts of money to the needy?
~Is it having power, or prowess in a given area of your life?..or all of them?
To all of these I say a resounding NO! Not that any of them are bad...per se, but the desire for the unattainable does NOT lead to contentment, it leads to resentment. God should be where our desire lies and only there at His feet can we find contentment, joy and peace. Having the perfect everything leads to pride and being useless to the kingdom, do I/we want that? Surely not. Power does the same thing; money, even worse. Contentment comes from knowing that at the end of the day, you did your level best to serve God in the way that He wants. Contentment comes from knowing that God will provide all of our needs if we trust Him to do so. Contentment comes from knowing that while we aren't perfect, we will be someday. Contentment comes from living a life for someone other than ourselves and what we can get out of it. Contentment is a deep, abiding peace that can only come from God when we allow it to fill our heart, mind and soul. So, ladies...are you feeling content, or it restlessness plaguing your soul? If it is...get on your knees before God and find out why...is there unconfessed sin in your life...do you truly know HIM...are you resisting His call to ministry or obedience...find out and care for the issue so that you, too, may know His sweet contentment and rest.
I'm not normally this preachy, but I felt God urging me to put these thoughts down....hope you understand where I am trying to go with this. Have a great evening. Tell me what you think true contentment is all about!


The Ruoss Crew said...

I think contentment also comes from knowing that God is good no matter what our circumstances and that his love for us has not changed just because things are not 'going well'. We will never be content unless we truly know and believe that fact.

The Man Crew said...


I got onto your blog page yesterday just so I could see the girl room pictures – which are beautiful, by the way. The whole room looks sooooo nice!

But I just wanted to tell you what an outstanding article/message you wrote! My heart swelled bigger and bigger as I read (and re-read to Daddy) your thoughts on contentment. At first I thought you had done a copy of some famous author’s writings (like Beth Moore) but then realized this had come from your own heart. What you said is incredibly insightful and thought-provoking. You surpass the quality of expressing yourself in writing of many authors who have their name in print.

You rock, Girl!



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