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Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up...*sigh*

*sigh*...Derek is growing up way to fast for me...He just took his first motorcycle ride with Dan. Don't freak out....just around the block, barely moving...but it about broke my heart. He was a bit nervous, especially about the noise, but insisted on a ride and sat proudly in front of Dan...holding his ears the whole time...hee hee. He about had a fit when Dan said it was Pat's turn...he wanted to keep going.He also started sleeping in his big bed this week...which is always a fun challenge keeping them in it...LOL! Ah, such is the bitter-sweet nature of motherhood.

Onward and upward! We have been busy this week...paying off soem debt and repairing vehicles. Yes, our stimulus check has arrived...it had paid off the van, put a new radiator in it, helped repair the motorcycle, taken us to the movies, bought groceries, a desk chair and a few frivolous items and paid back some friends that we owed. Oh, it aslo bought a few new resources for homeschool via e-bay....100 new reading books and 2 of the fantastic Usborne Internet Linked books...the boys are really enjoying those!

David and Pat are finally closing in on the end of school and are quite happy about that! They are enjoying picnics in the park each week, studying as little possible, making crafts and enjoying the hundred plus weather we are having for the past 3 weeks. They found a baby bird in the park today and were able to pet it...boy were they thrilled!

Dan has decided that he really likes the racetrack here in Cruces and we are starting to make a habit of going each week...the kids like it also. So, I suppose all in all, life is good here in NM. WE are anxiously awaiting the arrival of company in July, Dolli's baby coming next week and the birth of Titus and subsequent arrival of the Starnes entourage. Life is full, GOd is good and I am content...see below. Lost boys, Mama K loves you! Future daughter in love...same for you!

Blessings to all,

Kristy and the Man Crew

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