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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So Much to Tell!

It has been a busy 2 weeks here since I wrote you all last, so I will TRY to keep this brief, but I make no promises...ha ha! I think I shall use bullet journalling as it lends itself to brevity.

  • Dan is still working, but is sitting around most days playing his video games. He would rather work, but I'm just glad that he is employed. ; )

  • Tyler turned 15 this week...where DOES the time go?

  • The boys have discovered the wonderful game of spoons and want to play it every night...spoons, anyone??

  • We made it through the month of June with no visitors, but found ourselves getting lonely, so we were all kinds of excited when Mike and Jay announced that they WERE, in fact, going to make it down here for a few days.

  • They arrived safely last night about 10ish. We all stayed up way too late chatting, even Derek was up past 11pm...and then Mike cooked me breakfast...I like that!!

  • Dolli and John welcomed their little one into the world on Friday morning...a baby girl named Ryan Elizabeth...she looks just like her daddy except for the dimple in her chin which is all her mama...sorry no pictures yet. They are both well now, Dolli is having trouble with her blood pressure and Ryan is struggling to keep her blood sugar at a good place, but both things are doing better each day.

  • The boys finished school on Friday and boy were they happy about that! I also am looking forward to the break that summer brings for me...time to work on other projects, like learning to can veggies or do a little scrap booking, finish that book I started 5 months ago.....

  • For those that don't know, Josh and Lauren have postponed the wedding, which is probably a good thing...a little extra time to grow up and closer to each other.

  • Jodi has managed to still be hanging on to Titus, although it's my opinion that now he is wedged in there so tightly he couldn't come out if he wanted to....ha ha!

  • Work is going well for me, they FINALLY hired a few new people to fill out the crew and now were are working more like 8-12 like we are supposed to, not until 4 am like 2 weeks ago...that's just NUTS!!

  • I'm running out of things to tell you but I saved the best for last...

  • When I got home last night...my 'Shua was here! Mike and Jay brought him along...YEAH! I feel like my little family is complete, at least for a few days. Hurray!

I suppose that's about it for now...I'll keep you posted on any other new developments...but first a few prayer requests...

  • Jodi~that baby has to get out sometime...and soon! She is uncomfortable and tired of being pregnant...the fun is over!

  • Mike, Jay and 'Shua for a fun visit and safe travel home

  • Dolli~John and Dolli are having serious marital issues and are considering a divorce...please pray against this and for a renewal of their marriage especially with their new addition.

That's really and truly it this time...I love you all so much! Missing you and can't wait to see you all again...hopefully soon!



'Shua, Jay and Mike in front of the rental car...it's a long drive!!

Jay says they aren't the Charlie's Angels...they are the Gnarly Angels...LOL!

This picture makes him look so grown up...darn it!! NO growing UP!!

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The Ruoss Crew said...

Wow! Sounds like a lot going on! Thanks for keeping us updated. I love to read and see how things are going.

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