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Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Summer Week Floats By

Greeting from Sunny New Mexico. It has been a slow lazy week around here. It has been very humid around here, which is rare..but unfortunately, that means the swamp coolers don't do much to cool it off around...so it has been very hot and sweaty at our house this week. I have had to work almost every night this week, so I am dragging, big time! The boys have had fun just being lazy and not doing much on anything. We had our weekly picnic, and while we were at the park, David finally got the guts to do a back flip of off the equipment. He is quite proud and I will try to get a video for next week's post. Derek found a caterpillar...he was sooooo proud of it and started yelling, "Guess what?!?? Come look!!" SO CUTE! Pat finally got his picture with little Ryan so he was pleased and all was well. Anywho~ Not a whole lot to report, so I'll just a few pics and sign off. Lost boys, Mama K loves you! We miss you all...come and visit!

Kristy and the Man Crew
"Yook, a cap~ler!"
Derek and his buddy Casey~
Pat gets the baby pic of the week
Yes...horror of horrors..Derek with be 3 next Friday...*sniff*

1 comment:

The Ruoss Crew said...

More amazing than Derek turning 3 is that you have been gone for a year!

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