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Friday, July 11, 2008

SO Much Good News!

Hello to everyone. I normally start with greetings from sunny NM..but this week it's more like greetings from rainy NM...Mike, Jay and 'Shua brought the rain and forgot to take it home with them...it has rained almost everyday since they arrived last Tuesday...hee hee! AS we are A, in the desert and B in the midle of a drought, this is a good thing, but I wll admit even I'm getting tired of the rain...and the boys are going stir crazy!

Anywho~on to the weekly updates! Mike, Jay and 'Shua were here until early Saturday morning and we had fun together. Mike got his first and probably ONLY tattoo. We ate at a nice Mexican Restaraunt, hung out and chatted. Joshua and I had some sweet chats and it did my Mama heart good to see him again...I miss that boy!!

Dan is still working which I consider a small miracle...they told him early this week that he would be laid off at the week's end, but now they are say ing that they have work for him for quite some time...Thank you, Jesus!!

We have adopted the tradition of homemeade pizza on Fridays and the boys did it all themselves tonight except for making the dought for the crust...it was really good! The boys are still pleased to be out of school and have spent more hours in front of TV, video games and movies than I care to count. They have also spent many happy hours playing together and reading quietly which always makes me proud!

Derek has officially graduated to the big boy bed permanently, David took down the crib today. Yes, you read it right...David did it all himself and even took it to the garage and stored it out of the way. We shall see how Derek does from now on about sleeping...I've discovered a secret weapon in getting him to sllep at naptime...if he won't lay still, I put him on the couch and turn on a Gaither video...he's asleep in about 3 minutes...hee hee!

In other areas...Jodi FINALLY had that baby. Titus was born Wednesday morning by C-section. She was in labor and she tried, but he was just stuck...7.1 pounds and 21 inches...that's HUGE baby for her!!! He looks like James, but he has my nose...that's FUNNY! They are still planning to move here in about 6 or 7 weeks..please pray that all go smoothly and that they can afford to get here.

Dolli and Ryan are doing well and we spent 4th of July with them at Jeff and Cheryl's house...for those who don't know that's Karen's ex and his new wife...it was a bit awkward at first, but we did alright. I'm glad I got there first because once Dan got there, no one else got a chance...baby hog! Now that she is feeling netter, we are going to resume our game nights with Ty, Dolli, Charlie and Devin...Spoons anyone?? How about Apples to Apples? Candy..you all would LOVE that game!

I have enjoyed my internet friends on Cafemom the past few weeks as they are inspiring me to keep my house cleaner than it has ever been...Dan is pretty pleased about that and I am, too. I am hosting a 'cyber' scrap with these same friends tomorrow...if you want to join us, just set up your scrap table and scrap away..I wll be posting pictures on my cafemom profile page, if you want to come take a peek.

That's about all that's new around here...keep. We aren't due for anymore visitors before Jodi arrives in late August or early Spetember...anyone coming?? We love you all so much and miss you. We speak of you often and pray for you. Catch up with you next week! Let me know what's going on with all of you!


Kristy and the Man Crew

David with Baby Ryan Elizabeth

Dan and Mike look really happy considering it was 3 o'clock in the morning!

Yum~O...homemade pizza!! Mmmmm

Look, I do exist!! How exciting!

1 comment:

The Ruoss Crew said...

I love Apples to Apples! You know me so well. We played it at Mary's and I will be buying my own soon. By the way, all I can say to Dan and Mike is PUT IT BACK ON!!

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