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Friday, July 18, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Greetings from still raining NM! It may not be sunny this week, but things have been sunny inside with us! I have let the boys just be bums this week, watch TV, play video games and jump on the trampoline when it wasn't storming. I only had to work 1 night this week, so I caught up on some sleep and spent some much needed time with the hubbs. Dolli, Ty and Ryan visited on Monday and we let Dan hog the baby while Dolli and I had a long chat about marriage, new babies and hovering grandparents...hee hee! We had a few nice relaxing days and then Thursday we had game night with the gang. Karen, Ty, Dolli with Ryan, Charlie and Devon all came to play games. Well, Karen held the baby and visited, but we were thrilled to have her with us once again. After she left, the serious gaming began...then when it was time for Ryan to go to bed, Dolli packed her up and took Ty and Devin home for a sleepover. Charlie stayed and Dan and I had a BALL swapping stories from our younger and stupid-er days and discussing taboo subjects such as religion and politics...let me also add for those of you who don't know...Charlie is a pagan, liberal Democrat...you can imagine how lively that discussion got...WooHoo! We had fun! So here we are on a Happy Friday (WooHoo!) and things are great! I have had much fun being an admin for an Internet cleaning group at Cafemom...and I actually had to look for things to clean today...my house is shiny! Dan is happy and I can't tell you the last time I stepped on a Lego...my feet are sooo happy! Anywho~ enough rambling, I promised Dan that this would be short...and I'm doing my best. Love you all and miss you much. Lost boys, Mama K loves you sooo much!

Blessings to you all from the Lord Above,


PS.Some cute pics from this week

Great Uncle Dan with Ryan..she likes him!

David has become quite the builder these past few weeks!

Aahhhh, so sweet! A sleepy afternoon snuggle!

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