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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Busy Week

Hi there! Here in sunny NM, it was been quite warm this week...averaging at least 100 degrees every afternoon for about 10 days now...phew! I have been on the go this week...my job has taken up much more time this week than normal...I usually work between 10-16 hours and this week, due to vacationing team members, a hurt boss, and needing to hire 3 more people, I have worked almost 25 hours! And, I watched Casey 45 hours in 4 days also, so between work, trying to squeeze in home school, housework and cooking, I've forgotten how to sleep this week...LOL! But, God is good and has granted me an extra measure of his grace this week and kept me from getting sick, snippy or cranky, although I did have one day where I was tempted to give someone a piece of my mind. Anywho~ the boys are starting to wind down school for the year, we have gone to 3 days a week and are only really working on the 3Rs at school time and adding history, science, health and geography to our quiet reading schedule in the afternoons when mama needs a nap, or at least some quiet! Dan is still working and is still really enjoying the job and the people that are on his crew. Karen, Dolli and Tyler are getting settled in their new home and so are we. I am working hard at not cluttering up the house with too much stuff, I just keep reminding myself that we are moving again at the end of summer so why bother taking it all out, right? For those of you that were shocked by that last comment, Jodi and her boys are moving to NM at the end of summer to live with us for probably a very long time, possible forever and so we need a bigger house. So, as I look through knick knacks and bric a brac, I keep saying, "We're moving, we're moving, we're moving! Don't take it out!!" LOL! We are taking a break from out of town company for the month of June to regroup and settle in as just us Meyers, and then in July we expect much company...Mike and Jay are taking a road trip that will lead them here for a visit, Ricky wants to come and spend a months or so (OH, MY!) Tony says that he is looking at a road trip in late July or early August, and Josh is considering an extended visit before his upcoming wedding. So, we declared June to be visitor-free so we could enjoy some just us time after Karen's move. It has been nice to have a bedroom again...and a private bathroom is a little slice of Heaven here on earth...I may become spoiled! Patrick is enjoying having his "own" room, since we aren't using it for school this year, it just stores the school stuff...but I find that about twice a week, he sneaks in a bunks with the other two boys...heehee. My girl room is almost finished...no more boxes, no more kitchen things, and all I have left are to hang some curtains, pictures and find the couch cover to make it picture worthy...I even have my beloved rocking chair in here...so nice! When it gets completely done, I will post pictures for all to see. Anywho~it is a lazy Sunday afternoon here and I'm off to take a nap with my Monkey...have a great week! I miss you all soooo much! Lost Boys, Mama K loves you, too!
Kristy and the Man Crew
PS. My girl room is done! I haven't found the couch cover yet, but the rest is done...it looks so great! I am using it right now while I type this...hurray!

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study said...

Busy is my middle name now a days I think. It is hard to think though when you are so tired. I am glad you are enjoying work. Enjoy your little time by yourselves. I wish you were coming sooner but I guess I will learn how to wait. I love you soo much. You are still the best friend I could ever have.

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