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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Great Big BLESSINGS~ June 2013

We love this HOUSE!
Most of you are aware that my parents 'snow-bird' here in the southwest with us to avoid the long Chicago winters, and for companionship, and to help my Mom with my Dad now that this health is declining. We stumbled onto the perfect house for sharing a little over a year ago. 1 master bedroom suite downstairs with a bathroom that fits my parents particular physical needs. (Walk in shower for Dad's lack of mobility these days and a jacuzzi tub for Mom's sore back) 4 bedrooms and a full bath upstairs for the MeYeRs. Perfect for entertaining since the house has an open floor plan, high ceilings and came with a pool table. However, it has been on the market for several months since the current owners had transferred out of town for work. we had fretted and worried that it would sell and we would be forced to move yet again. 5 moves in less than 6 years will do that to a person. *winks* Well, it sold this week. Big fat SOLD sign in the front yard. So, I just want to say,

Yes, you read that right. We were offered a real estate contract that meant no down payment, no closing costs, no mortgage company looking at our sad financial background, or taking note of the fact that Dan was in fact, unemployed while we purchased a house. Doesn't God work in mysterious ways? I can't even begin to say how amazed I am at the hand of God. Add in that I don't have to move again (possibly ever) and I am one happy girl!

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Anonymous said...

YAY! to the Nth!!!!!!!

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