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Friday, June 14, 2013

Catching UP with us Meyer's

The original intent of this post title was to just give a basic overview of the week that we'd just had, so in honor of returning to our roots and getting back to the basics, let's begin again with the weekly "Catching UP with us Meyer's" post.
This week has been a refreshing breeze compared to some we've had recently. I have had the week off because the Benson family is vacationing in a beach house in Florida. So I've enjoyed plenty of time for projects large and small, I've caught up with friends in person, on the phone and in cyber-space. I have cleaned and organized, played with the boys, ENJOYED cooking again instead of just serving whatever was the fastest and easiest option, and I even caught up on my blog during the hot and lazy afternoon hours.

~~Dan has returned to the work force and is enjoying the regular routine of that.  He's going to be working 60 hours each week, but as it worked out the boss man said *only* 40 this week so everyone could enjoy a little more time with family over the Father's Day weekend coming up. So, he's managed to workout each day on the way home, even after last night's Union Meeting. The man is a work horse. No wonder we call him Hercules! He is enjoying a few more evenings with the boys, especially DT since once he goes to 60 hour weeks, he will only be seeing DT on Sundays mainly. Boo to that. However, we know that this job will end in 6 months, so we can already see the end of that tunnel and I'm glad it's just for a short time.
~~D and P are home from last week's youth camp and are thrilled about no school for another week and that's a good thing since it is all the summer break they are getting :) David is working at the gym, not only coaching his boys classes on Thursdays and Saturdays, but now that summer day camps have started, he is working there a few days a week. He is predicting his next paycheck to have TRIPLE digits on it and he is SO EXCITED! (Oh to be 15 again) Patrick is enjoying the less strenuous schedule this week by spending copious hours in his room listening to music and hanging out with David whenever he is available. He's SUCH a teenager :) But  he's also been quite helpful with some of the extra chores that I've decided needed to be done around the house to prepare for company coming next week.
~~Derek has been flourishing at his summer day camp each afternoon with Jodi since he's the oldest one there and knows all the answers. What an ego boost for him! He's also enjoying getting to sleep in this week and he is really good at it. I think given the opportunity, he would be a night owl. He has spent many happy hours racing up and down the street with the neighborhood friends and would stay out ALL day if I let him. It must be summer. He heads out in the morning, only comes home for snack and drinks and comes home at the end of the evening completely worn out and filthy :) That's a happy childhood right there.
~~I just spent almost an hour on the phone with 'Shua. It was so great to hear his voice and know that all is well in his end of the world. Makes a mama proud to know her children have become well rounded, able bodied citizens that are contributing to society by learning and working a trade, being a good spouse and being content with their life. Feel real good.
I could go on and on, and on, but I need to scoot off to pick up Derek from his camp and go home to get the house ready for Game Night. Welcome to the weekend, friends!

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