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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching UP with Us Meyer's~ January through June 2013 edition: Part 3 (pic heavy)

May~ Hurray for Devin! I don't normally make such a fuss over a graduation, even though it's always a big accomplishment. However, for some students, it is just MORE of a big accomplishment. Devin is one of those students. School has not come easy for him and he's worked and studied and worked some more and asked for help and studied and worked some more and FINALLY made it to the end of his high school career and we are SO very proud of him! We gladly attended his graduation with his dad Charlie, his 1/2 sister Kelly, and his honorary auntie Karen. The speeches were quite good, and the musical selections shared were well done and appropriate. The volume was way too loud, but I guess that just means they knew we heard them call his name :) So without further ado, some pictures and a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you Devin!

The angel food cakes prepared with love by Auntie Karen since Devin requested strawberry shortcake as his grad cake.

Devin and Auntie Karen

Patrick, Devin and James. Everyone adores Devin!

Silly boy with cake and presents!

Cute decorations hand made by Auntie Jodi and Tyler

Reading the grad cards

Some of his adoring fans. Plus I needed a pic of Charlie in a dress shirt.

And here he comes, filing in for the ceremony

An excited smile. Been waiting so long for this!

The Color Guard comes in. They were fantastic

Almost his turn!!

YES! It is in his hands!

The balloon drop. Derek was quite excited about this part

All done!

Devin and Charlie

Devin and his girlfriend Annabel

The best gift arrived a bit late. A fleece knotted blanket in his favorite colors from PaPa Larry and Grma LaVonda.

Dan and Devin doing their special handshake routine :)

May~ Mud Bash 2013. Who thinks these things up? It's one of the local church's annual events for the area youth groups. The premise is to come and get as muddy as possible. I know that in the areas where mud is not welcome this does not sound very fun, but in the rain starved desert states like NM, this is GOOOOOD times! So it all starts out very innocent, with a 100 foot homemade slip and slide. Anyone who can make it to the end wins a prize. Then comes mud basketball, and volleyball, and throwing mud and oh my goodness, do they have fun! I made D and P sit on trash bags on the way home from this. Totally worth it!
This is the way it looked when we arrived. A little sprinkler going, nothing to worry about, right?

David got INTO mud bash. That shirt will never be the same. The one in his hand, not the one he is wearing. The one in his hand started off WHITE.

Oiy, even on the back?

Patrick ran into his old friend Will and they traded numbers

*sigh* SOMEONE wasn't cooperating with the camera :)

Time to clean up and go home. Patrick enjoyed this part too much.

And on the way home, we got to enjoy this glorious sun set. Not a bad way to end a day.
May~ Little Ollie finds Uncle Dan's Hat
    One game night, Ollie found Dan's hat that was still out from a recent trip to White Sands National Park. He plopped it right on his head and started posing for the camera. Little Ham! Anywho, he looked really cute so I snapped a few pics. He's a doll, there's no question about it.

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