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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching UP with Us Meyer's~ January through June 2013 edition: Part 5

Part 5??? How is it that A.) I let this blog sit on the back burner for so long and B.) That I took so many pictures that I really want to share? (Note to self: Make regular time to blog in the future days. Facebook is great for sharing little blurbs, but blogging is where it's at to share stories!)
Moving right along. Part 5 it is. What's next?

March: The month of March brought us Alec, who hadn't been to see us in 3 years due to finances and work commitments. It was such a blessing to have him among us again. As one of the original Lost Boys, it was wonderful for me to be able to wrap my arms around him and have a few heart to hearts. But when he wasn't chatting with me, he had a ball with the Man Crew. Taught Dan and the BIGS how to build better Magic Decks, read Calvin and Hobbes to DT, spent many hours in front of video games and slept a lot. He even let me trim the MANE. I was touched. :)

 Magic throw down time!
 He rode the dune buggies with the boys and fun was had by all!
 It was hard to say goodbye, but he will return again to us, so until then..."Fare well, my boy!"

EASTER! Mom and I had such fun planning for Easter. The Man Crew decorated a TON of eggs for the egg hunt, Mom and I deliberated over the food as if the queen of England was coming, Jodi provided all the fixings once Mom and I finally chose a menu, and we all eagerly anticipated the big day. Easter, the day of remembrance of the rising of our Savior. This is not something we take lightly. So, after much anticipation, and much ado, it was here.

 The Man Crew takes a lousy family picture. Where is a professional photographer when you need one? Oh well, they are all looking in the same direction and no one is making a 'calvin' face. I'll take it. I already shared the pics from egg decorating and the church service, so these are from the family gathering.
 James and T put on their best faces for a 'nice' picture.
 Then we let them get silly. :)
 DT hunting for eggs. Sadly most of my pictures weren't worth having. But fun was had by all and we remembered why the day was so special.
He is RISEN. He is risen INDEED!

Dune Buggy Outing: Dan took the boys out to the desert by our house one afternoon that was particularly windy. They had all been looking forward to it and decided not to the let the wind ruin their fun, so they bundled up appropriately and away they went. It's nice for them all to get out of the house together sometime.
 DT broke out his ninja costume and sunglasses to protect himself from the blowing sand.
 Pat opted for actual goggles and a shared ninja costume to keep the sand out of his mouth and nose.
David went with shades and a bandana but wouldn't let me take a close up of him. He's too cool for that these days. LOL! Dan decided to opt for just sunglasses and fuss with trying to get all the sand off later, so he didn't pose for a picture either. Spoilsport! At any rate, they had a good time together and zipped around the desert until they ran out of gas. Good stuff!

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