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Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching UP with Us Meyer's~ January through June 2013 edition: Part 1

I am so far behind that I am just going to start by posting some pictures and telling little stories about each one. I will try to tag them as the appropriate month so that you can piece it all together. :) Sorry for my random-itis, just trying to start somewhere. ANYwhere, to be exact.
Susan, David, Dad and Mom all together. The 4 Amigos!

Auntie Susan and Uncle Dave are great company! Good times!

In mid-March, David and Susan Sweely came to visit us for a few days on their way to TX from AZ. Between Mom, Dan and I, I think we nearly talked their ears off :) We had a wonderful visit. Played many games, laughed ourselves silly and oohed and ahhed over Dave and Susan's arts and craft skills. David brought gem stones (self harvested) for each of the boys and I think, found a kindred spirit in Dan. They hit it off like no one's business. Once they went to the garage, I was sure we'd never see either of them again. Mom, Susan and I were content to enjoy the little ones, chat over cups of tea and putter in the kitchen together. Who knows when we will see them again as it's been over a decade since we'd seen them last, but it was a blessing to spend a few days soaking up their love and fun. 

(Late March) As you can tell, we LOVE to dye Easter Eggs at the Man Crew House. We get INTO it and enjoy it greatly. I think we dyed 5 dz eggs this year? Oh my, our fingers were funny colors for days! David is simple and likes one color eggs. Patrick likes to dip one end, the another, then a side, etc until he comes up with some plaid configuration to his liking. Derek likes to color on his with crayons before dipping, and Dan likes to experiment by over-dying in several similar colors to make his own signature color. Mom and Dad got in on the fun this year. Once Easter was over and we'd found all the eggs again (thank you Lord) we ate multi-colored egg salad for a LONG time.
Totally worth it!

Cake decorating at Albertson's. Let the wild rumpus begin!

TA-DA! All finished and posing in front of the flower pots. Happy cousins!
(Late March) The day before Easter, our local grocery store had some fun Easter activities, so I loaded up DT and nephew Titus for some cake decorating. OH MY WORD, did they enjoy that! I've never seen so much frosting piled on one little cake before. FUN FUN FUN~ they were so excited to eat them!
It was so wonderful to see Pastor Dennis behind the pulpit again after his sabbatical.
Easter morning found us at the local high school for the only time all year that our entire church gets to worship together in ONE service. With 5 weekly worship services, it can be hard to get to know one another so this is great! The BIGS went early to help set up the egg hunt for the little children. Derek was quite excited about the eggs, as it's this huge free-for-all in the football field after church. He gathered his limit quickly, and then waited (semi) patiently for them to call all in, when everyone can just grab as many as they can. Oh, the CANDY! The service was great, with all the worship teams coming together to help us find our way to worship and praise, and Pastor Dennis back from his sabbatical from preaching to be with TJ (his wife) I've got pics of the home festivities to be shared in another post. 
Whee! Even MORE eggs! Thanks Mesilla Park Community Church!
 Thanks for coming along on the journey with me! This is fun!



Rhonda Hill said...

Love it!
Happy y'all had a great visit with you Aunt and Uncle!
Love love love the decorated cakes the boys did!
Great read Kristy!

Rhonda Hill said...

Oops forgot one more thing!
Love all the pics of the egg coloring!
We colored eggs too, but discovered we left the eggs on the table in the morning! Sigh!

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