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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching UP with Us Meyer's~ January through June 2013 edition: Part 4

I am having fun with this little series while I'm trying valiantly to catch back up so we can move on with a fresh slate. Hope you are, too! This is going to be the random post where I try to squeeze in all the random pics that don't make a post by themselves :) Hang on, here we go!
After Christmas was over, and all the excitement was over...
We started off the New Year with lots of rest since we'd all be sick for so long.
 In early January, it actually SNOWED in Cruces (and yes, my child is wearing shorts *sigh*) DT was quite excited about this and enjoyed the snow for the 47 minutes is was on the ground.
 Gymnastic season started. David and his pal, Derek seem to have mixed emotions about that,
 but David has learned how to soar right over his competition!
 Fun days were spent making puzzles, enjoying movies and popcorn and slowly getting back into the swing of things at the Man Crew House.
 Tyler's late arriving Christmas gift from PaPa and Grma was a hit!
 DT learned the Greek Alphabet. Hurray for homeschooling!
 We enjoyed a trip to the local fire department. DT was thrilled with all the buttons and knobs, but saddened that fire stations no longer have dalmatians OR fire poles.
 However, all was not lost as the knowledgeable firemen took them for a tour and let them climb all over the truck.
 I allowed the BIGS to massacre the sad, squishy pumpkins from the fall with a 4 foot sword. Oh yes, I AM that mom :)
 We enjoyed some beautiful weather, with outstanding sunrises and sunsets.
 Jodi, James and T spent many hours at the Man Crew House visiting with us and Dad and Mom. T likes Uncle Dan's tickle fights, even though he always loses.
 Gymnastics season continued.
 David did well and earned the admiration of his teammates and coaches for his hard work.
 He even learned some new BIG tricks, like this one that I magically caught him mid-air.
 We hosted a Magic the Gathering card game tournament and had LOTS of fun!
 Here are the final standings. The out of town wringer won it all, but the surprising 2nd place went to Dan. I was pleased for him since he had worked and worked and WORKED on his decks all week under the guidance of said out of town wringer.
 The Black Ninja came to visit his country cousin the White Ninja and even stopped long enough to mop the floor for me. As if he made any marks ;)
And someone played in the tub too long.

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