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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Corners of our Home

 I've shared in posts past about my holiday hallway, the fireplace mantle, and showed pictures of my home often. However, they are generally wide angle pictures that don't show the details of the house, more of an overview. So here is a peek into a corner or two of the house. Enjoy!

A corner of the kitchen bar counter that never gets used, so I decorate it for each season. Here we are ready for all those summery AMERICAN holidays!
Our fireplace has a lovely little hearth that is perfect for perching on while chatting with Dad in his recliner, or putting little toys on for toddlers to find, or putting school books on during a chilly winter morning.
Or for decorating for the seasons as well. Ta Da, all dressed up and nowhere to go!
Here is my office desk in the Dining room/School room. Between the calendar, the bulletin board, the bill paying center and my laptop, I do my best to keep the family organized and on time from this little corner.

I will add to this series as time allows. Thanks for taking a little tour with me!
  Blessings, ~K~

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