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Monday, June 3, 2013

Holiday Hallway~ Take 2

As I've previously mentioned on here, I've a delightful little hallway in the front of the house that I've claimed as my holiday decorating domain, since Dan prefers the LR to stay as uncluttered as possible. *snort* Ahem, I mean, I try to keep it simple in the LR. So, that means I give myself free reign in the hallway to clutter it up until it's almost too much. Thought I'd share a few of the fun scenes we've had in there over the past year. Most of them are printed papers or crafts that hang on the twine that you see, but some are more elaborate.

I'm a Summer Reading Star! Great reading program for over the summers found at www.howdoesshe.com

Winter Snowflakes that we crafted together a few years back and never knew what to do with them once the were completed. VIOLA!

This flag/heart was a part of our late/winter/early spring collection for St. Patrick's Day, MLK day, Easter and Valentine's Day

Fun colored flowers adored the hall in late spring. Thank Mom!
The hallway is currently empty and awaiting the summer decorations to be taken out and enjoyed. I'll share that once it's complete. I'm also missing a few set-ups on this memory card, I'll add them later as well. Thanks for enjoying this with me! I've never considered myself a decorator of any substance before, but with my little hallway that doesn't allow me to get too out of control, I'm having a ball!

1 comment:

Rhonda Hill said...

Oh Kristy what a great idea!
I am so going to copy this!
My girls would love to show off their art work, and other items they like to make!
Wow! I just love this!

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