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Monday, October 8, 2007

Mesilla Maize Maze

Hello, from sunny New Mexico! The most amazing thing happened this weekend....the Meyer Crew went for a little family outing and we had FUN! We decided to take the boys to the local pumpkin patch, called Mesilla Maize Maze. It has a nine acre corn maze which I thought was pretty cool. There were games to play and slides to go down and small craft activities, hay rides and of course, a pumpkin patch that you got to pick your own pumpkin right off the vine. Dan and the boys raced on the pedal go carts, Dan and I strolled down the Mystic Grove, the boys got to go Mining for gems, make a rope, race on the trike track, slide themselves silly on a few slick slides with burlap sacks and climb a orange tire mountain. We had a ball, just being there as a family and goofing off together. We didn't have any of our normal issues, like whining, psychotic meltdowns or crying to go home/stay longer....oh, and the kids were good too. Ha Ha! The only problem that we had was that we figured we'd only be there for an hour or so, but since we stayed 5, we all came home burnt to a crisp. OUCHIE!! Anyway, fun was had by all and we intend to have another family outing soon since this one went so well. By the way, all you up there, what is the normal temp for a trip to the pumpkin patch in IL, something around 55 or 60? I wish! It was 96 degrees while we were there...yuk. Not to mention very bizarre to me. I suppose I'll get used to it, but the very thought of Christmas where it never snow is surreal. Oh, duh, David's birthday went great...he got several things that he had really been wanting, Grandma's box arrived right on time and several people called to wish him a happy 10th birthday. Thanks for those who called, it made his day! All in all, a very blessed week and we thank God for it.
Kristy and the Man Crew
PS. I didn't bring my camera along so just imagine all of us sitting on an orange tire pile, looking sweaty, sunburnt and holding a pumpkin on our laps. Dusty, too, there is no grass here to hold the ground down where it belongs.

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