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Monday, September 3, 2012

June Catch Up Post

June, glorious June. Let's see here, what did we do in June? Seems like a really long time ago already.
Oh yes, I remember now! In June, we enjoyed all sorts of fun activities.  
~We enjoyed the transit of Venus with eclipse glasses sent from a friend, making Transit of Venus cookies, and sharing the knowledge with friends.
~We started our summer reading programs. We are taking part in 3 this year. One at the library, one with Barnes and Noble, and one super cute BINGO style printable I found over at
www.howdoesshe.com The boys are reading everything they can get their hands on. Thank goodness for our well stocked home library (thank you, homeschooling) and our weekly trips to the local library.
~I continued my 50+ hours a week with the Benson family (Isaiah "Z" 15, Grace "G" 11 and Anna "A" 2) and we took little trips hither and yon to parks, card shops, ice cream parlors and the library, but took our biggest trip in late June with a full day spent at the El Paso Zoo.
~We continued school all summer, squeezing it in when we could. P switched to a summer bridge type of activity book instead of dragging along scads of curriculum. D worked independently and generally had most of his school work finished before we headed to work each day. DT brought along lots of little activities, enjoyed being read to by everyone, and had his camp twice a week that counted as school those days.
~Derek started summer camp with Jodi. He ended up being the only student at that particular camp and while we were disappointed about not making new friends, the one on one tutoring was good for him.
~Patrick is at that age where he's too old for summer camps and too young for a job, so he spent most of his summer reading and swimming in the Benson's pool.
~David alternated between being a 'bouncer' for Jodi's tutoring company (in case she ended up with a grumpy pre-teen who didn't want to cooperate) and being an assistant coach at the Gym Magic summer day camps.
~Dan continued to work back at him beloved Wooten company with his good buddy Mike Eorio, who is always so kind to him.
~We ended several family outings including nights at the dirt track races watching the cars go zoom zoom and fireworks, and our first trim to White Sands for a Full Moon Night. However, it was cloudy and rainy that evening, so while we were thankful that the rain stopped, we didn't get to see the full moon. :)
My housewife end of life suffered greatly over the summer. I was overtired, 'touched out' and grouchy a good portion of the summer. I bought convenience items like bread, (gasp) laundry detergent, and prepared fresh veggies. Egads. LOL! I did however, enjoy all the hard work I put into filling the freezer in May (along with
www.moneysavingmom.com) as I pulled casseroles, fruit and nut breads, and meal starters out of the freezer to fill our hungry bellies day after day. Dan was a great help by popping dinners into the oven, rescuing things from the crock pot, doing much of the running to and from gym with David, and offering to hang on to the kids so I could have a short break at the local coffee shop, take a quick nap, or squeeze in a workout. I sure do love that man!
I think that's about all the big news for June. :)
PS. The photos aren't wanting to work. I'll have to work on that later.

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