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Monday, September 3, 2012

July Catch Up Post

Hello again friends! July was another busy month at the MeYeR Man Crew House, although it might have been just a touch less busy than June.
~We kicked off the month of July by celebrating Independence day, and NOT hosting a gathering this year. We always do it, and we always enjoy it, but this year we were just too tired to do anything, and so we enjoyed a lazy day at home, just us MeYeRs. In fact, David attended a friend's birthday party and was gone for most of the day. It was nice to enjoy a day of rest for a holiday.
~Work work work. Dan and I both worked our tails off in July. I continued to work with the Benson's, who are truly kind and generous bosses (plus the kids are great) and Dan started working 60 hours a week. So honestly, most of July passed in a haze of exhaustion, picking up and dropping off of kids, and umm, more exhaustion. ;)
~At the end of July, our nephew Jayson came to visit, bringing along his own version of mayhem. Life is never dull around that boy! He loves to do parkour, talk all the time and stir up activity when there is none. He is considering a move here, so it was a nice little trial run.
~We hosted our first ever 'gaming' tournament as the boys have discovered "Magic the Gathering" a game that the Bean boys first introduced us to 10 years ago. Many trips were made to the card shop in anticipation of the grand event, and much organizing of cards, and MANY practice games were played. At the end of the day, everyone had fun and a few people ended up with prizes. It was FUN!
~School really lacked this month as David spent most of his days at the gym from sun up to sun down, sometimes 11 hours a day. However, I can count that as a summer internship in his intended field of work so it's all good. Patrick was reading and socializing. Since he generally eschews both, I was content to let him do those without complaint. *winks* Most weeks, DT's 2 mornings at literacy camp was all he got aside from reading with Mama. To combat this, we added math camp as well 2 mornings a week. He enjoyed that camp as well.
~The boys continued to read day after day, in hopes of earning the BINGO BLACKOUT prize of a ticket to the Wet-N-Wild water park in El Paso, TX. Everyone is looking forward to it.
~We went to the races a few more times. It's nice to able to go as a family again since I'm no longer working evenings at Kohl's. The boys always have SO much fun!
I think that's about it for July. If there is something else, I am too tired to remember it. HA ;)

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