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Monday, December 28, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... December 28, 2009 (last one of the year)
Outside my window...it is still and cold, Dan is gone to work and it's so early, not even the neighbor's rooster is crowing. The sky is clear and full of stars...so beautiful!
I am thinking...that life sure is full of change...and here comes some more changes.
I am thankful for...holidays spent with family and friends, time off of work to rest and relax and the fun of 4 year olds on Christmas morning...and my new cricut machine...yeah!
I am wearing...my nightgown as it is barely 5 am and I'm heading back to bed soon.
I am remembering... that I have much to do today...I better get some more sleep and then hit the ground running.
I am currently reading...Robinson Crusoe (I give up...it's just plain old boring!!) Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible, my Bible (wrapping up Proverbs again) and Hero Tales
I am hoping...that I can do a better job of prioritizing in the coming months. Time to dig out my 'Managers of their Homes' book and rework my schedule...and then start USING it again
On my Mind... 2010
Noticing that...it's true that as you age, time goes by more quickly...why IS that?
Pondering these words..."Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance" Thank you, Brother in law, Mike
From the kitchen... many tasty treats still linger, but it's time to wrap up the year end baking and get back to healthy (ish) eating...LOL
  • Monday~ Sloppy joes with salad and veggie sticks
  • Tuesday~Split pea soup with the leftover Christmas Ham, plus fresh bread
  • Wednesday~Mac and Cheese with smoked sausage
  • Thursday~Chicken and rice casserole (then munchies for New Year's Eve)
  • Friday~Pizza with chips, veggies and ranch dip
  • Saturday~Pat has been pushing for a return of freezer food night...we shall see
  • Sunday~Roast chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheese sauce

From the learning rooms...time to hit the books again! We took off all of Christmas week and most of the week before (which I did NOT plan for) so we need to get as much work done this week as we can so that we start 2010 on track. So today, the library for new book basket books, some serious ABeka time and much quiet reading. Rest of the week...ABeka in the AM, and My Father's World in the PM. Jodi and family are moving out this week, so it will be hit or miss with James, but we will do the best we can until a proper schedule can be worked out.
Around the house...it's still looking a lot like Christmas exploded all over the house...time to clean up the last of the boxes, find new homes for the new things and clean out some of the old. The boys need to be 'packing' as well since we will be in possession of two more bedrooms by the weekend and D and P are moving into 'the wing' and Derek is moving upstairs...they are quite excited! The pantry/Fridges/freezer must be cleaned out and taken stock of...they are all full, but I can never seem to find what I'm looking for...LOL!
One of my favorite things...Being able to find what I'm looking for...especially when it's my mind that I'm searching for...hee hee!

From my picture journal... Our 3 boys getting ready for the annual tradition of opening ONE gift on Christmas eve.

If you enjoy the simple life, are looking to begin the simple life or just want to read more of these wonderful posts...head on over to the delightful site of Miss Peggy at http://www.thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/ or click on the photo at the top.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ooooo, I think I'm going to borrow some ideas from your weekly menu :-)

I enjoyed your daybook, and congrats on your Kohl's Award - well done!


The Man Crew said...

Thanks Julie...I know it's silly to get so excited over something that doesn't really matter, but it's fun nonetheless! Feel free to borrow my meals plans anytime you like...I don't mind! ;)

Pam said...

Good goals and ambitions. It's helpful for us to keep looking toward a goal, lest we get sucked down into that swamp of life! I see you have a healthy blog, and I'm off to check it out!

Ann said...

Love the words you are pondering... and all I could think about when I read them is how my poor planning of meals (hours ahead if I'm lucky, compared to your week ahead!) regularly results in my poor performance of cooking ANYTHING!!! :)

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