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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kristy's Tooting Her Own Horn

Just a shout out to me and my ad set co-workers! I am Kohl's superstar of the month!! I get the fancy parking spot, the admiration of my peers, a small bonus in my paycheck...and most importantly, the knowledge that the management team at Kohl's knows that I bring my very best to work, each and every time I arrive to be in their service. The ad set team takes turns nominating each other, so it was my turn...LOL, but I appreciate the nod just the same. It's just something that for some unknown reason, I'm ridiculously pleased about, so here I am, tooting my own horn....toot toot tooty toot toot!

Blessings to you from a VERY humble (ahem) SUPERSTAR!! : )



The Ruoss Crew said...

Wow...there really is an employee of the month at Kohl's. Guess I better stop parking in their space!

Ann said...

Good for you!!! I adore Kohl's!! Definitely one of my favorite places to shop!

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