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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long time, No Bloggy! LOTS of pictures ; )

Oops, life got in the way again...as often happens around the holidays (err, holi-DAZE) so for today, just some pics of recent happenings and I'll post another catch up post soon. Love to all, and hope you are enjoying the busy-ness of the season as much as we are!
Christmas Blessings,
Kristy and the Man Crew
Happy birthday to me, I'm the most blessed of all, I had TWO birthday cakes, one courtesy of 'Shua and Lauren, and one courtesy of my dear Sister-Girl, Karen!! Yeah for wonderful family!!

Christmas party+birthday party+game night= F~U~N!!

Awww, Karen gets into the spirit of Christmas as she counts the days until she heads to Cali for the holidays.

Oh...look at the pretty ornament Tracy made me for my birthday...Oooo, Ahhhh!

Lauren and Rusty are feeling festive...poor dog! Love this pic, though!!

Decorating the tree...what a bunch of handsome boys!! Not that I'm prejudiced, at all! ; )

Coffee and Doughnuts with Auntie Karen on a sleepy Saturday morning

Kelly and her sweetie-pie, Jared

Ty and Pat get into the spirit of "Peace on Earth" ..well, sorta!

I spent 3 happy days in this little hotel room scrapping, reading, sleeping in and spending time with Dan....more about that in another post

Titus gets INTO his food...LOL

Merry Christmas to all and a Great Holiday where we remember the reason behind the season! May God richly bless you this coming year!!

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