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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Big trip ~Days 11 and 12

Sorry this has taken me so long...truly! If I remember correctly, I left off right as we were gearing up for the wedding, right? Catch up back here if you have forgotten, as I did...LOL~OK, now that we are all caught up..let's move forward!

Thursday was Rehearsal day...and I mostly spent the day in the kitchen making goodies for the rehearsal dinner. Then we headed out to the rehearsal and had a wonderful time. Everyone was laughing and teasing...we walked through the ceremony a few times, answered the last minute questions and then got to the good stuff...THE FOOD!! Lauren's god-mother Deanne and I prepared the food and OH my, did we have some tasty treats!! Fun was had by all and we departed excited about and anticipating the coming wedding!

Friday found me out to lunch with Brother John, at my all time favorite restaurant called Papadeaux..YUM~O! If you like great seafood...this is the place. If you love a charming dinner companion, I can give you Brother John's number *winks* We talked of old times, good times, bad times, the in-between times, the Bible, the demise of the American family structure, told silly stories and ate and ate and ATE! Can I say YUM~O again?? I think I was full for 2 days ; )

He dropped me off for an afternoon of decorating the reception hall which just happened to be at Dad and Mom's church. Lauren, Josh and most of the bridal party worked hard all afternoon getting everything JUST RIGHT for the big day. Tables were set, centerpieces were adjusted one more time, flowers were placed just so, name cards were made and put in the right spot, the DJs table was arranged, the cake table was ready for the lovely confectionery delight, and all was well with the world. And then we all went home and collapsed so we could get ready for the BIG DAY!! More about that in the NEXT post!!

Thanks for taking the journey with me,


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