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Friday, January 1, 2010

The BIG Trip ~The Wedding!!

Hello again! If you have been following the BIG TRIP saga...catch up here if you desire. Today's post is about the BIG day...the wedding, the reason for our trip and the much anticipated culmination of over 6 years of dating for Joshua and Lauren. The day dawned bright and clear...although a bit chilly. Everyone was up and getting ready early in the morning. Mom and I had stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, pressing clothes, practicing music, finding every one's shoes and giving them a quick polish so that today would run smoothly. After a quick breakfast, we began doing the modified stationary panic in which everyone jumps up and down, flapping their arms and yelling, "Have you seen my _____ ((Fill in the Blank))??" To which the rest of us reply, "Of course not, why would I have your such and such?" or "Yes, I've told you 38, 612 times that it's right there on the end of the sofa."*sigh of exasperation** So after MUCH ado, many snappy responses, and much blustering and a few wrestling matches over the bathroom, Dan and I were out the door, since Dan was ushering and I was playing music and singing special. The boys were mostly ready so Dad and Mom offered to bring them so they wouldn't be bored before the ceremony. As the time approached, everyone got a bit tense, but the general air was festive as we all waited to see the moment arrive. At the appointed time, Hannah started playing the prelude, the ushers seated the guests...and then it was TIME. The mothers were seated by Mike and Dan, I sang special, then I started to play Lauren's favorite song while the groomsmen came out and the bridesmaids glided down the aisle. After the appropriate dramatic pause, the bridal march was started, the back doors opened, and a radiant Lauren appeared on Russ' arm as they came down the aisle together. The rest of the ceremony is a blur of happy thoughts, well spoken vows, roses for mothers and playing with Zoe who thought the wedding was boring...but she's two, how much can we expect, right? When Bro John announced them husband and wife, the guests applauded and cheered for this couple that we all love so much. They took their first stroll as husband and wife, and then returned to the altar for many pictures. After that, we were all off to the reception. As we eagerly waited for their arrival, the guests chatted and munched on some finger foods. When they DID arrive, the DJ announced the bridal party as they came down the steps into the church fellowship hall, then Josh and Lauren surprised us by popping out of the elevator...LOL! After that, cake was cut, toasts were made and the dancing started. It was good times...everyone was lovely, the music was a good mix and everything was truly JUST right. As the afternoon came to a close, we said goodbye to the exhausted couple and sent them on their way. We stayed to help clean up and everyone kept saying how well everything went, and it was true. It was one of the nicest weddings I've ever been to, and that's the truth. I'm so glad for them...they deserve all the happiness that life can afford them. Love you both soooo much!!


PS. Stay tuned for the NEXT exciting chapter

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