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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Room Pics~

I took these 2 weeks ago, but because I never get around to doing all the things I INTEND to do, I've never posted them...LOL~ So here are the pics of the boys in their new rooms...hurray!

Yes, Patrick lives in a tent...is that a problem?? He loves it...and Dan is building his new bed as I write this...LOL!

David LOVES having his very own room for the first time since Pat was born : )

Derek loves having HIS own room for the first time EVER...hurray!

And for me, the HOLY GRAIL...a school room, complete with Shelves for books, a huge map, desks and TWO chalkboards! YEAH!!

And that's all she wrote, FOR ONCE!

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

I like the boys rooms! Maria is sharing her room with Eliza, and every once in awhile I hear,"I want Eliza out of my room!" Well that isn't going to happn anytime soon! LOL
Your school room looks great!
I have so many ideas on how I would like to set up my school room for Maria, but first we need a "Room"! LOL Great pics Kristy!
Have a great week!

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