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Friday, January 1, 2010

The BIG Trip ~ Days 14, 15, and 16

OK...we're in for the home stretch here...LOL! If you missed last post, check it out here Moving onward and upward. After a late night due to the wedding, we we all a bit late for church the next morning, but no one seemed to mind. As we settled in for another of Bro John's wonderful sermons, there was an air of curiosity in the air. What would possess the newly married couple to show up at the service??? Why were several other families that don't normally attend in the building?? Hmmm, well, after a rousing and somewhat convicting message from the pulpit, it was time for the benediction and LOW and BEHOLD, who should saunter to the front but The one and only Ricky Bean! WHAT?!?!?!?! well, I knew that it was coming, but several people nearly fell out of their pew...LOL! Bro John had already met with him and he was ready to be baptized...Oh my, the GLORY rolled! I very nearly got the vapors myself and as we watched Ricky get baptized by Bro John, Dan cried completely unashamedly. We had (and continue to) pray so much for him. I was ashamed that although I prayed for it, and I knew God could do it...I just fretted that Ricky never would come to the Lord. Oh well, lesson learned, don't put God in a box.
After that wonderful service, we headed to John and Debbie's house to enjoy an afternoon of MeYeR family fun. Almost everyone was there, except for Justin and Christina who were both working. Jerry and Maria, Mambo and Aunt Esther, all the cousins for the boys to play with...it was great. I enjoyed perusing John and Debbie's Hawaii vacation pictures, chatting with Paul and Jill about being crunchy, homeschooling and the like, and Dan caught up with his Dad for a bit. John and Deb had recently put in a pool and so the boys played happily in there for quite some time, then they trailed the teenage cousins wherever they went. We had some great food, even better fellowship and quite frankly, it was probably the best time I've ever had over there. After a impromptu photo extravaganza, it was time to say goodbye amid a flurry of hugs.

When we got home, sadly, it was time to pack for home. Mom had helped me stay on top of the laundry so that we weren't heading back with bags full of dirty laundry...hurray! Liz came over to keep me company and we chatted and laughed while stuffing the bags full again, looking for this and that and finding all the odds and ends that Pat had all around from spending 4 months in IL. All too soon the night was over and it was time for a final goodbye for us...BOO! Dan arrived home after spending an evening with friends and we all headed to bed so that we could get Dan to the airport in the early AM
The next morning...we all gathered for a breakfast together and to say final goodbyes. Jodi and the boys, Mike and Kelly with their 5, Mom and Dad, plus all of us...it was a house full, that's for sure. We took bunches of pictures, promised to write/call/e-mail more often and then it was Go time. We all piled in and waved one last goodbye...*sigh*...leaving is hard! Dan announced that he was going to ditch his ticket and drive home with us...and so he did. We found our way over to Osco Il to meet my Internet bestie Jen, who graciously opened her home to us based solely on the promise that we were NOT axe murderers...LOL! We met her dear, sweet children, got chewed on by her goat, had lunch with her and the family and traded presents...hee hee! I love presents ; ) Again, all too soon it was time to go, rats! Anywho, we piled in the van again and began the long trek home. And that's what we did for the next 2 days...drive, drive and drive some more. By the time we got home LATE Tuesday night, David, Patrick and I were all sick, Dan had to leave in 6 hours to go back to work and exhausted doesn't even begin to describe the sleepiness we felt. I think bone weary is a bit better. At any rate, we were HOME!!! Ahh, home....I love home! The dogs were thrilled to see us after 16 days and nearly knocked Dan down upon entering the house. : ) We put the boys to bed, unpacked the van as quickly as we could and headed to bed ourselves. And THAT is all she wrote!!
Thanks for taking the journey with us,

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