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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

*Sigh* It's been a while since I did one of these again...and I miss it so here we go. It's a quiet ( yes, I said quiet) afternoon here at the MeYeR house. Dan and 'Shua are building Pat a new bed, using Dan's new tool that he got for Christmas, Lauren is working on school online, the boys are playing nicely together and with Rusty ('Shua's new puppy) and it's almost time for dinner. What's been going on around here...well, a lot and a little, I guess. Lots of at home, family oriented time since Dan is home every night again (thank you JESUS) a little bit of school, a little play time and lots of friends over for dinner, game night or working out with Hercules. : ) For those of you who might be impressed, Dan picked up something at work the other day that weighed 450 pounds...and now you know how he got the nickname Hercules from Karen...LOL!
As for the rest of us....life is good, God is shining on us as my Mom said yesterday and it's hard not to have a ridiculous smile on my face all the time. Not that we never have an off day, but who doesn't, right?
~~David has REJOINED the gymnastics team...thanks to some finagling on my part. I now run the concession stand on Saturday mornings in exchange for his lessons...seems like a good trade off to me. He is thrilled and couldn't wait to get back to working out 4 times a week with 'the guys'
~~Pat is very excited about the bed that Dan is building him...although he IS trying to figure out if it will fit in his tent, since he isn't sure he wants to give that up just yet! : ) His new bed will have room for drawers under it (that Dan will build soon), bookshelves for his favorite books and his rock collection in the headboard, and has a door to go under the bed for a little hideaway. He's pretty stoked!
~~Derek is really enjoying his new room, except if he has to sit on his bed for timeout...before, I had to put him elsewhere or he would get into David's things...OOPS! Now, he loves to play with his new tool bench and is forever bringing me some new creation that he's thought up by himself. *sigh* toddler hood is fleeting
~~Dan is enjoying not only the job in Tularosa, but the new set of guys he's working with and comes home with a funny story almost everyday. He is LOVING being home every night to see the boys and to sleep in his own bed. He's set up a work out routine with Karen and Tyler and is having fun working them really hard : )
~~I'm looking forward to my new job, LOVING that I have friends to play paper with each week and starting the new semester of school with a few tweaks here and there.
~~Monday is Pat's 11th birthday and he is looking forward to it...no school, going over to play with James and Titus whom he misses very much, picking dinner plans and getting to be the boss of the day...it's almost TOO much excitement for one day ; )
I think that's all the news that IS news around here for this week...thanks for being interested in our lives and sharing it with us.
Loves, ~K~

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Candy said...

What new job are you looking forward to?

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