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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Reading of the Advent Book

Here are the boys reading our Advent book. Each night, they take turns being the first to read and then putting up their special piece of the book. As we read the book each night, we are creating a lovely nativity scene...and some precious memories as well. This video is for the grandparents who miss the boys and for you who might be considering buying this book from Usborne at http://www.myubam.com/ecommerce/details.asp?sid=NEW&gid=91071489&title=Advent+Nativity+Book&sqlwhere=submit%3Dsearch%26search%3Dnativity No, I don't sell for them, but I DO love their books and this one in particular is one of my favorites by them. Grandparents, enjoy the video~

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