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Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day PIcs...too cute!

Hurray for fireworks!!

I know, I know, I've posted 38 times today, but I just couldn't resist sharing a few pics of the weekend with you all. Something about Independence Day makes me just feel happy to be alive, at home with my family, grateful for a God that loves me despite my multitudinous flaws and so proud to be an American. Flawed though it is, it's still the best place to live in this whole wide world and I'm patriotic to the core. Anywho...I managed to snap a few cute pics this weekend so here they are in no particular order.

Awww, a man taking the baby for a walk, now that warms a mama's heart! Way to go, 'Shua!

Derek is quite intent on the races....hat, sunglasses and headphones check, check and check~

I know we've been married ALMOST 13 years, but he still makes my heart go pitty~pat!

David settles in for a long wait before the races since we went early to get good seats.

Derek was waiting for his shirt to come out of the dryer at the last second...LOL! Oh and for Mama to wash his face!

Titus was deep in thought about something....this was his first trip to the races and he loved it!!

James likes the races...and was ready for them to start...right now!!

This is Derek at the end....he just climbs up in Daddy's lap and goes to sleep...so sweet!
OH, and one of me..just to prove I was actually there...LOL!

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