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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Catching up with us MeYeR's

Greetings from HOT and sunny NM! It's been another busy week around our home as the men are still travelling for work, me working nights, Jodi searching for work and many boys still here to play with the wrangle and raise...hee hee! Pat is still in IL with my parents and is having a marvelous time. He's been on a play date with most of his cousins, spent a day with Dan's Dad and step mom, been to the movies more times than I can count already and stayed up ridiculously late. He may never want to come home...ha ha ha! Dan and 'Shua spent a week in Hurley working away for Wooten Construction and after putting in their forty for the man, came home to relax and recoup for the weekend...and a lovely holiday weekend it is! Last night was game night and Jodi invited new people, who were very nice. Jodi and I were quite productive this week, filling up the car TWICE with donations to Good Will. We found fabric that I had forgotten I had and turned it into 3 new tablecloths, mending some clothes and generally having a wonderful crafty time. I baked french bread for the first time and turned it into garlic bread to go with Spaghetti and Jodi said it was the bet garlic bread she'd ever had, which I consider high praise : ) so I snapped a picture of it since I'm a nerd. I unpacked the dreaded last 7 boxes that had been sitting in front of my bedroom for 3 months and was annoyed to realize that MOST of it didn't even belong in my room...LOL! It was all mislabelled boxes...serves me right for putting it off so long. Oh well, lesson learned. We hung pictures and decorations, moved Pat's turtle and a set of lizards out of the back room since it has no A/C..they were getting really hot and I kept forgetting to water them...so they are now happily in the house. As for today, INDEPENDENCE Day, remember to thank someone for your freedoms. The boys are anxiously awaiting time to leave for the racetrack as they will be having the races as usual, but also host the biggest display of fireworks in our county...yeah! We are quite excited...so right after our yummy cookout, we will head to the track to get good seats. We are having homemade burgers on our new (to us) grill with Jack Daniels smoker chips, veggie pasta salad, sliced peaches, chips, veggies and OREO pie...yum~O! We are all wearing our dorky coordinated T-shirts which 'Shua let me know he thought was the dorkiest thing EVER, but since he loves me, he wore it anyway...such a good boy he is! So when we hit the track, we will be able to find one another...all the little boys match, and the men match...and me, since I'm the only girl, I get to wear something different..yeah me! LOL! Anyhow...I'm starting to ramble and it's time to get to making burgers...so a few snapshots and I'm outtie! Have a great holiday, stay safe and don't forget to appreciate your freedoms!
Blessings and Fireworks,

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The Ruoss Crew said...

Sounds like you guys had a great holiday (dorkie matching shirts and all)! Glad to hear it! Miss you guys and can't wait to see you in September!

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