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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boxes and Boxes and BOXES...oh MY!

Flat Stanely helped us move...right here, he's helping Devin!

OH MY is right! Packing, moving and unpacking are at the top of my "I hate to do it' list! The turmoil, the mess, the dust and the scheduled upheaval of everything I hold near and dear...moving is stressful at best and horrendous, disastrous, mortifying, traumatic and nerve wracking at worst. OY! And every time we move, I find myself thinking, "Where did all this STUFF come from??" Now that we are two families in one that adds up to 8 people and 'Shua coming her in about 3 weeks to make us an uneven (some would say ODD) 9....even with 2700 square feet, it's gonna be a trick to find homes for everything. Actually, things are coming along nicely...I've even going to be able to unpack a few things that have been in storage for several years...but first, the things that I need to run the house. As you can tell, the Internet is up and running again, the cable is working much to the boys delight, I've got the kitchen set up enough to serve meals again (I was SOOOO tired of fast food) and I intend to be ready to host game night on Friday. I better get busy! Anywho, the bedrooms are set up, just a few small lingering boxes to sort out the last few things...the pets are settled (they all survived the move with minimal damage except the fish...they ALL died, grrr) and the Living room could really stand some work, but we need Dan home to set up the speakers and such. So that just leaves the kitchen area...which means I need to get started, LOL! A few people have asked how I've set it up, so I'll post a few pics from Sunday and then later, I'll add some from today....please don't be afraid, the first set of pics are a bit scary ; ) ENJOY....anyone have any arranging ideas??


The room formerly known as the living room, yowza, what a mess!
Better, but still room for improvement...Dan will be home tonight to help me fix it!

This is supposed to be the kitchen/dining room, not sure what it is here...mostly a mess
AHHHHH, that's better!
The other half of the the dining room is the home office...err, it's SUPPOSED to be

That's more like it~ I can actually USE the computer now..yeah!

Pat's room is all set up JUST the way he wants it~ Boxter the turtle is in his room again instead of on the dining room table...hurray~
Just HAD to add this one...Pat took packing very seriously and wanted to make sure we didn't forget Titus...LOL


Jackie said...

Kristy...love that kitchen! That's just awesome! And the tile in the LR is beautiful. I'm glad you all have some room to spread out now. I wish I could come over and help you organize and arrange all your "schtuff" (isn't that what you call it..LOL.) I kinda enjoy that. Ya know, organizing, unpacking, cleaning, etc. Don't you wish I lived there..hehe! Anywho, congrats on the house! It's beautiful!

The Man Crew said...

LOL! SCHTUFF is right, Jackie! Thanks for the encouragement...check back later for the updated kitchen and living room picstures...it got too late last night before I uploaded them....there is a remarkable difference. I would LOVE the help and company if you lived here...(grins)

Laura said...

Looks like you survived mostly intact! :) Glad you are making progress...I'm with you in hating to move and deal with the transition and upheaval. Ditto on wishing I could come help. I like to organize -- as long as it's not my stuff! :)

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