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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving Musings~ Part 1

I'm going to ASSUME there will be more than one part to this post : ) Moving does NOT bring out the best in me...and that's putting it mildly. I crave security, schedule (or at least scheduled chaos) routine, and HOME. Take those things away from me and I become my least best version of myself. All my flaws, insecurities and character defects become magnified, and it's not pretty. I get over emotional, catty, sarcastic and whiny, and that's on a good day. It all boils down to control. I dislike moving because I feel like I'm not in control of what's going on and I tend to feel a bit left out of the goings on and activity, while at the same time feeling overworked as underappreciated as I do much of the packing and sorting of belongings. However, this move has been going a bit differently already, and well...it's pretty great! Dan is helping me look the PAGES of homes for rent each week, and we drive past each one that is in the price range and size that we are looking for. He has asked me how I feel about each one after we look at it. We are being more reasonable in our idea of what we want, need, or dream about. We are talking more about our financial goals, and how to make these things happen more than we ever have before. (LOVE IT) It's one of the first times we've really gone about achieving a goal together in terms of moving. It's super! Still not sure if I'm friends with Dave Ramsey or not, but that's another story : ) I'm following the advice of a dear friend, who told me to follow my husband, even if his choices weren't what I considered the best. (Marsha, that's HARDER to do than to say!) We have found a house and signed the lease today and while the house is a tad unique, so are we and we will just make it work. I've found as I get older (and hopefully wiser) that I really can set the tone for our home...so if I say it's gonna be fine, it will be. So...it's gonna be GREAT! Give me a week to settle in and I'll be baking bread and hanging my clothes out on the line, and Dan may even let me have chickens! It will be HOME. And home is where Kristy's heart is.

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