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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catchin' Up with Us MeYeR's

Well, my goodness, it seems like it's been forever since I blogged. Where to start, where to start? ~Big news first, I suppose......we are moving in 2 weeks from yesterday! No, we are NOT packed, no we are NOT ready, no we are NOT going to be ready in time, but moving we ARE!WE have found a house (Praise the LORD), signed a lease (Amen) and will be posting pics (Yippee) soon to let you all know what it looks like, before we move in and clutter it up...LOL!

~More big news, Dad and Mom will arrive Tuesday for a 12 day visit DURING which we will be moving...can you say HECTIC? Mom will be of great help to me with packing and such and Dad will help entertain the boys, so we may just pull this off yet.

~Smaller news, but still good....school is coming along nicely; we took a week off last week, worked really hard this week and I'm hoping to get a full week in this week as well, after that, I think moving chaos will take over for a week or two. Have I mentioned recently that moving makes me insane? If you've forgotten how I feel about moving, check out these posts #1 and #2.

~Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE it here in New Mexico? To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it when we moved here almost 3 years ago. After living in the lush greenery of northern Illinois for my entire existence, the dull greens and varied browns didn't look like much to me. But what I've come to love about the vegetation in the desert is that they have to work so hard just to stay alive and yet, at just the right time, they bloom so beautifully. It takes my breath away. Reminds me a bit of Dan and I, we struggled so hard, for so long, and just when I was about to give up and resign myself to a life of misery, God picked us up, transplanted us and gave us a new lease on life and now our life is one of those gorgeous flowers *sigh* Along the same lines, I've decided that no sunset on Earth can rival the ones seem from down here.

This is from our yard, taken from our sliding glass doors in the master bedroom. I'll miss that view, but I think we may get something as spectacular at our new place. *Here's hopin*

~Dan is enjoying his weekends off : ) The motorcycle is running well and he's enjoying riding it whenever he can. He's even called a sitter a few times so we can ride together. I LOVE to ride, but will say that I've discovered my limit is about 2 hours. We rode yesterday while looking for houses and ended up being out for about 6 hours. I'm sunburned, just from the nose down on my face, I'm sore and I was HOT with all my riding gear on in the 99* heat. However, I'll not be doing any complaining to him about it, I may not get invited again...LOL!

~Work is going well for both of us, Dan loves working his 4 10 hour days and then having a 3 day weekend. He will be SUPER busy for the next 2 as we prepare for the move, but that's OK, he LOVES that kind of stuff. I have a new boss, not sure if he's going to last or not. I think he's a bit afraid of us. We're a bit wacky and he's pretty uptight. ; ) Plus, I don't think they told him how late we work, HA!

~We are STILL looking at churches, Dan said today he wants to go back to the original church we had been going to, as sort of a comparison to the ones we've been trying. At this point, I'm game if he's wanting to go. So, off we go to Calvary Baptist tomorrow.

I think that's most of the bigger news, so I'll be signing off now. Blessings from NM! Lost Boys, Mama K misses you so much!

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