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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010~Weekly Questions 3-6...oops!

Oops...in my no blogging break, I overlooked the fact that I'm in the middle of Fall Into Reading and I'm supposed to answer questions each week. Well, since I can't go back in time, I'll just answer all the questions at one and hope that's close enough *winks*

Question 3: Do you eat/drink while reading? If so, do you have some favorite reading snacks? Yes, I do...and I enjoy it! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have my tea near me...hot or cold, decaf, herbal, super sweet, black, doesn't matter. Fave snack is something salty like chex mix or pretzels and french onion dip. Mmmmmm

Question 4: Do you ever dog-ear the corners of book pages to mark your spot? Or are you a faithful bookmark user, refusing to damage the pages of your books? OR do you have another way to keep track of where you are in a book? I never use a book mark and I almost never dog ear a book. Not because I'm a slob and I can't find a bookmard or a snob and I wouldn't DREAM of bending a page, but because I have the bizarre ability to remember which page I was on when I quit reading last. I can't remember the last time I went to the bathroom, or what I ate for breakfast, but I can tell you that I'm on page 396 of this book and 127 of that one. Weird.

Question 5: When you read a book, do you read EVERYTHING? In other words, do you read the dedication, the acknowledgements, the foreword, the afterword, the prologue, the epilogue, the appendices, etc.? Or do you just read the “meat” of the book? Or is your approach somewhere in between? I read the dedication, the prologue and epilogue if they are there, the front cover and the back of the dust jacket. I don't generally read the index or appendix, unless it's a technical book that I need some clarification.

Question 6: Where do you love to read? Note: I don’t mean where do you actually do most of your reading, because that might be the carpool line, the work cafeteria, or even the bathroom (if you have to escape from a few small children in order to read a chapter of your book). I mean, what are a few of the places where you LOVE to read? I LOVE to read outside...as long as there aren't too many bugs out. I love to read in bed, snuggled under the covers, I love to read curled up in a corner of the couch. I even like to read in the garage while Dan is working on something...that way we can be together even when both doing separate things. I know that's dorky...but depending on what I'm reading, I'll just start reading out loud so we can both enjoy it.

OK, now I"m caught up...sorry about the delay : )

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