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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY October 6th, 2010
Outside my window... it is dark and quiet except for an occasional car slipping past
I am thinking... that being a parent is ever so much harder than I anticipated and yet, so rewarding.
I am thankful for... The time I'm spending with the boys while Dan is gone. We've started piling into my room after dinner and a board game. David checks his e-mail and such, Pat serenades us on the keyboard, Derek snuggles in close beside me while I read aloud to them. I think I shall miss that once Dan comes home and turns on the TV again. Maybe we can convince him to join us once in a while ; )
From the learning rooms... Math, math and more math. We are doing little else at this point while we labor to end the never ending school year. I know, it's October and we are still working on last year's math, but it is just the way the year worked out. Both the boys struggled with math this year and it's been slow going. HOWEVER, we can see the end, and we are excited to finish this year and start on next year's things. Schooling year round is wonderful....why didn't we start doing it sooner?
From the kitchen... Oh my, what a day we had in the kitchen! Pat declared it a baking day, I decided that baking counts as practical usage of math principles and we hit that kitchen hard! On my counters are banana and pumpkin bread, caramel apples, brownies, oatmeal bar cookies with chocolate frosting, caramel corn and pumpkin muffins. OH MY WORD {happy dance}} We wrapped up the baking frenzy with BLTs for dinner and then tasted our goodies : ) As for the rest of the week, we are eating simply due to Dan's absence and the kids are happy with easy meals.
  • Thursday~ Soup and grilled cheese
  • Friday~ Veggie tray and munchies for Game Night
  • Saturday~ Pizza
  • Sunday~ Pot Roast
  • Monday~ Not sure yet...probably something really simple like spaghetti, mac and cheese or leftovers

I am wearing... Orange 3/4 sleeve Henley, navy jumper, hair in bun, feet BARE, of course
I am creating... As stable an environment as I can for while Dan is gone. Also, a scrapbook for my Sister-Girl, Karen and a PILE of finished books on my bookshelf headboard : )
I am going... Everywhere and No where...LOL! Tomorrow holds Gymnastics class, TaeKwonDo class, picking up and dropping off Ebone, probably Kohls to check my schedule and maybe the park.
I am reading... Raising Boys and Loving It, and starting the Left Behind Series as well.
I am hoping... that Dan calls. I miss him so much! I have new respect for those 'left behind' when a spouse is away on military duty or long business trips.
I am hearing... Kenny G in the background and a car starting down the road. Near silence is a beautiful thing.
Around the house... Boys are sleeping, heaps of dishes from our baking party wait to be washed, and the night beckons me to rest.
One of my favorite things... BIRTHDAYS! David turned 13 on Sunday...where DOES the time go?? We had a very small celebration as David wants to wait for Dan to return before he has a real party.
A few plans for the rest of the week: The Taxi Mama run tomorrow, Sam's Club on Friday along with GAME NIGHT, working at the gym on Saturday morning, church on Sunday morning and then preparing for a new week.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...The sun rising on the morning of David's birthday. So pretty!

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1 comment:

Herding Grasshoppers said...

What a beautiful picture!

Make the most of your time while your husband is away. Though some things are harder (when mine is away, occasionally), I like the way our schedule adapts.


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