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Saturday, August 23, 2008

She's Almost Here and He's There

Hello to all our dear family and friends near and far,
Greetings from another hot summer day in Cruces. We have had a full week, preparing for Jodi's arrival and Dan's departure. We are also house hunting for a rental that is large enough to give us room to breathe, enough bathrooms to go around, a yard for the kids to play in and not cost a bazillion dollars...I know, it's a pipe dream, but God hs a place for us that will be just right...we just have to find it...LOL! Dan toook off yesterday to fly to Chicago for the shortest visit ever and to drive Jodi's car crammed full of things back here to Cruces. Jodi got on the train Thursday for her trip here with James and Titus. James had his 6th birthday on the train...boy, was he excited! So both are still in transit...but I get to leave in just a few hours to pick her up and Dan will be back sometime tomorrow. I think that he is going to end up spending the week out for town for work, so this first week will be interesting! I need to go build a crib so I better get going. I'll snap a few pics and post them after Dan gets back on Sunday.
Love to you all!~


Beate said...

Wow, you will need a big rental for the whole crew! How many bathrooms are enough.... hmmm. I pray God goes before you to find the perfect spot.

The Man Crew said...

Thanks Beate! We will definetely need those prayers! We have a found a promising house that has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a big loft...but it willl be a bit tight financially, so we are praying about it and keeping our eyes open for something similar but cheaper...LOL! Update! Dan is back safe and sound and Jodi, James and Titus are settling in well. Life is good....*sigh of contentment*
Keep praying,
Kristy ;)

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