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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 7 and 8

For those of you following the BIG trip saga, welcome back. For those of who are just joining us, Check out Days 1&2, 3&4, 5&6 to get caught up *winks* Days 7 and 8 were great days~ BOTH of them! Day 7 was church at our beloved Crossroads Community Church in Island Lake/Port Barrington. We made it as usual, too late for Sunday school, too early for church...see~ Just like old times already...LOL! So we chatted with Kermit in the youth room and snuggled Lisa Decker's new baby until time for church to start. It was so refreshing to walk up those stairs and into the newly decorated sanctuary (which still felt like home) and hug all the familiar faces and do some much needed catching up. We sang, and it was GOOD to sing the favorite hymns with those I hold so dear again. Bro John preached a wonderful sermon that touched my heart and then Candy and Kermit invited us to lunch. MMMM, good Chinese with great friends...does life get any better? ;D Thanks guys, it was awesome...my fave part being Kermit forcing Hannah into complete silence for 15 WHOLE minutes, I thought she was going to expire on the spot...LOL! After that, we headed back to Dad and Mom's for an afternoon of chatter and game playing, and I think even a movie. So restful and calming...*sigh* Mom and I worked late into the night, wrapping up Marleea's album (Kelly had finished her's earlier) and then chatted WAY too late, just enjoying one another's company. LOVE YOU MOM! The next day, was "ALL LIZZIE, ALL DAY" Day : ) This was a much anticipated day! We didn't make any firm plans, just to be together as much as possible for the day...just like the old days...LOL! And so we did! There was much running back and forth, picking up and dropping off of kids, food and running of several errands, but through it all, we chatted about the 'good old days,' looked forward to the the future, laughed over childish antics, lamented over issues we were struggling with, drove up and down EVERY under construction road in lake county and in general had a BALL! In the middle of the day, we stopped being so silly and went to Marleea's visiting hours to give our deepest regrets and regards to Lee, Marsha and Killleean. It was a bustling, active time with people sharing their memories of Marleea, poring over photos and LOTS of hugging! Lee and Marsha, we LOVE you! Later, we headed back out for a few more hours of fun, giggling, silliness and chatter over pie and coffee! Oh my, the times we had! Liz, you are undoubtedly, undeniably, and unforgettably, the BEST, best, BEST friend a gal could ever have! You are always in my thoughts, my prayers and in my heart! Anywho, as time is no longer our friend and we had both been up way too late the night before, we called it an early evening and headed home to spend time with our families....and all was well. And those were days 7 & 8. Thanks for sharing our journey with us!
Kristy and the Man Crew

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