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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 9 and 10

Welcome back to our Grand Adventure blog. If you haven't been reading along, catch up here. If you are current, then away we go! Tuesday was a day of sleeping in to start with...sigh, that sure felt good! as was usual by then...Mom, Jodi and I got our heads together about who was going where, when, why and the all important one...WHO was watching the kiddos?? After that was taken care of, we proceeded to do some rather mundane things, such as laundry, dishes and tidying of the house. After that, I prepared and headed out to lunch with Cindy Turner, who is the delightful Miss Mavis' daughter. We are about the same age, and attended youth group together WAY back in the day at Clearview...and so we had about 10 years or so to catch up on. We met at Panera bread in Libertyville since she lives about an hour south, so that was halfway and after ordering identical lunches without consulting one another (odd, huh?) we sat for 3 solid hours and carried on as only old friends can do. Oh my, we had fun! We caught up on church, family, kids and school, work and fun...it was GOOD TIMES! Reluctantly, we parted with the promise to do that MORE often, not less and to write. We keep up on Facebook quite well and I"m enjoying the renewal of a dormant friendship.
I went home and collected the boys who were quite anxious by then and we headed out to Kermit and Candy's for dinner. Jodi and her boys had been invited as well and we all bellied up to dinner together and shared some fellowship over some tasty lasagna and salad...yummy! We didn't go anywhere, or do anything fancy, just chatted and laughed and shared some sweet time together while the kids played. Jacob was kind enough to introduce the boys to Charlie the Unicorn...thanks a lot, Jake! Everyone had a ball, but we had to call it an early evening since not everyone was on vacation and their kids had school the next day. *rats!!*

Day 10 was a day that I had been eagerly anticipating...Dinner with #27! (that's Laura Hepker for those of you who do not have 20 years history with us Smith's) Wa-hoo! We had been planning it for MONTHS! So we met up after several small setbacks due to construction traffic (grrr!) at the Outback Steakhouse, which I had never been to before, and proceeded to have a 4 hour long dinner...I was full for 2 days! HA HA HA! But, as with all my visits with dear friends, the company was even better than the food~! Laura, I had a blast! Thanks for battling the traffic goons to get there! Anywho, we caught up on everything relevant in our lives and still had an hour or so to dig through some fun old memories, old crushes and some of the HUGE misconceptions we had about ourselves 'back in the day'. It was a great evening, and one that I will long cherish the memory of...thanks again, Laura!

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