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Monday, October 12, 2009

The BIG Trip~Days 5 and 6

Dad really liked his knife that we brought him. It was shaped like a motorcycle on the outside and really sharp on the inside...LOL Another post about our trip...I want to be sure I remember everything! Let's see, Day 5 was Friday, and Miss Cindy Freeman came to spend the day. It was game night, so throughout the day I was busy, slicing and dicing, preparing for that, but we had a great time playing Scrabble, Farkle and such, all while chatting and carrying on as only she can do : ) Game night arrived and so did the Hanna's, #27 AKA Hepker (who brought pixie sticks and Mountain Dew, OH MY!!) and later, Lizzie arrived to hang out. We ate pizza, laughed and enjoyed ourselves very much! Mike passed out the pixie sticks to the kids, much to our horror...but they did quite well. When they got rowdy, we just sent them out to run it off : ) We played 80s trivia which I stink at since I was still living happily under a rock back then...LOL, played several games of Farkle with Dad and then he went to hide from us when we got to being too silly for his taste. We eventually sent everyone home to sleep off the toxic effects of too many pixie and and way too much giggling. Saturday was Lauren's bridal shower and Kelly, Jodi and I went while Mom stayed home with the kiddos. She gets a saint's honor for that job. The shower was lovely, and full of emotions since Lauren was moving here. They had a cute New Mexico theme and so the house was decorated in chili's and cacti, and we ate chips and salsa, tamales and quesadillas. YUM~O! After that, we went back home and just relaxed for a bit. Kelly, Mom and I worked on Marleea's picture albums for the funeral. (For those who may not have heard, Lee and Marsha Bell's daughter was killed in a motorcycle accident the night before I left for IL, and Marsha asked us to make some albums, not only for them to have, but to show at the visiting hours before the funeral) Mom and I stayed up WAY too late chatting and laughing together, which is something I really miss about living here. Anywho, I guess that about sums up Days 5 and 6. Thanks for reading and I'll try to get another post up about our big trip soon!


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Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow! You guys had quite a trip :0)


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