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Friday, January 30, 2009

Alec is Coming... and other fun news!

Here at the MeYeR house, we have been busy, busy, busy this week! We (thank you, JESUS!) got in a full week of school without much whining or crying...and the kids were great, too. We started a new lapbook this week about the famous inventors and the boys are really liking it. History and Science in one fell swoop and it's FUN, too...what's not to love??? Dan has 'come over to the dark side' and is now allowing me to bake all of our own bread...whole wheat of course and NO HFCS!! YEAH! I have enjoyed a week without working in the evenings so far and have almost caught up on my sleep!! I have managed to get in my work out each day and a few days I even snuck some extra time!! Dan says I'm not lifting enough because I can still smile while I'm lifting...but I'm pretty content with where I am in that regard. Game night was last night and we missed Ty because he was at a b-ball game....but the rest of us had fun. Karen has been over twice for coffee in the morning and we have enjoyed gabbing together and laughing over the antics of the boys. It's nice to have her visiting more often again and I am pleased to say that she seems to be happier in the past few weeks than she has been most of the time we've been here...it's a beautiful thing! Jodi has been working about a zillion hours and when she's not working at work, she's working at home and when she's not doing that, she's running in circles doing the "modified stationary panic," (Dennis, that was for you!) and the owner is managing to drive us all crazy...poor Jodi!
On another note, I have spent the week wrestling with the whole Old Testament Law vs New Testament grace issue. I am pretty sure I'm headed in the right direction, but am still praying over it. Feel free to leave me your opinion about that. Dan and I are enjoying our Double Dog Dare of the New Testament at church...and are making our way through the NT in 90 days. Wheee!
Alec IS coming in February and we are sooo excited! He will be here just in time for Dan's b-day and will be here for a full week...yeah! I better get practicing on the guitar hero. We are e-mailing back and forth with some friends from church about gettting together during an upcoming trip they have planned...I hope we can make it work! Anyway, I've chattered enough for this week, I guess so I'll add apicture or two and be off. Let's catch up soon!
Kristy and the Man Crew
Here are T and I hanging our while the boys play. James was hiding in a fort and wouldn't let me take his pcture...hee hee!
David brought some cars and he and Derek had a ball letting them go flying down the slide and crash...woohoo!
Pat is working on doing one arm pull ups...I cant' do a pull up with two hands and a stool! Ugh, youth is soooo wasted on the young!

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Courtney said...

Stripping diapers is what you do if/when you have detergent build up on them. When they are stinking and there's nothing that you can do to get the stink out, you can wash them with a little bleach and dawn. It gets the detergent residue off of them. We mainly have to do it because Ethan is really sensitive! And, it's something that the manufacturer of the BumGenius diapers says to do. I mostly found out about it in the cloth diapering groups on CM. I miss CM!!!!

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