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Friday, January 9, 2009

Wrapping up the week

Hello friends!
Just popping in to say that thankfully, this has been a rather uneventful week. No visitors from out of town, no trips to the ER, so one is actually sick although a few of us are still fighting off the runny nose syndrome, everyone went back to their regular work schedules, kids went back to school slowly and it's time for the weekend! Oh, John and Dolli are about to arrive at their new base in northern Cali this evening, after 3 days of driving with a car and truck, a crazy cat and a baby...good luck with that! We are having game night tonight with Charlie and Devin, Karen and Tyler. Pizza is rising and the boys have managed to get away with almost no school today since it is life lessons day anyway which means less table time, plus, right as we were getting started, the cable guy showed up to do Jodi's TV...rats, so much for schedule...LOL! But, we have instituted a NO TV before school and chores are done rule this new year and although I've heard "I'm Bored" more often lately, I don't think they really are...they are playing outside together, playing board games, reading more (on purpose!) and there is much less fighting...Praise the Lord! Chores are getting done earlier with less fuss and they've actually wanted to work on school earlier also so they can 'earn' that precious TV time...especially since we bought Guitar Hero World Tour....yes, I'm really sorry already, anyone know where to buy high quality earplugs?? James really gets into the singing!! LOL!Plus, as an added bonus, it's one less reason for me not to workout in the AM...Oh darn, the kids are already watching something...LOL! So, all things are going well. I've had two days this week that just didn't pan out the way they should and poor Dan came home to me wandering about in a messy (and I mean MESSY) house, the kids running amok and dinner still frozen...how embarrassing! But, we muddled through that and things are going better now. In an effort to make Dan feel less sad about Dolli moving away, I agreed to be his work out partner 2 days a week...what was I thinking?? He's a slave driver...hee hee! But it's a nice trade...after he gets home, we read several chapters of the Bible together and then he works out or starts whatever project he had in mind for that night and I start dinner. Sigh* isn't that the way it's supposed to go?? How come it took us 12.5 years to get here?? LOL, because we are hard headed and stubborn as mules, both of us...we are just doing that as a team these days. OK, enough nostalgia for today...gotta get back to the boys and making sure I pour enough learning in for today...does teaching them how to make pizza count?? We've already had reading time, problem solving games time, played a board game together, and had our socialization time by letting them work out their differences on their own until I hear a threat of violence (just kidding) and are working on pizza. Add a few worksheets just for the basic skills practice for today and we will call it quits for this week. Have a great weekend everyone! I can't wait to kick back and enjoy pizza, some games with friends and a sweet time of Bible reading and prayer with the hubbs..life is good!
Now that's a lap full of babies! John, Dolli and Baby Ryan, we miss you already!

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