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Friday, November 14, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

I am trying something new...this is called the Simple Woman's Daybook, go check out her site! Here's the link Just click on the work link and it will take you to her site

FOR TODAY (November 17, 2008)...

Outside my window...there are 3 noisy boys playing on the trampoline burning off excess energy before homeschool lessons start.

I am thinking...That I should be doing something more worthwhile with my time right now...ha ha

I am thankful for...so many things...but for today mostly my wondful hubby Dan who indulges me so often and let me get away when I need to have a break

From the learning rooms...today, no lesson plans just a few random worksheets and some science links on the computer

From the kitchen...the smell of a lovely pumpkin spice candle, tangerine orange hto tea and the though of chicken casserole for dinner

I am wearing...rags as usuall and a lovely little chunk of baby T spit up

I am creating...this blog for the first time

I am going...to work later tonight...well, at least my job for money

I am reading...the Bible, The 5 Love Languages of Children and lesson plan books

I am hoping...to enjoy the holidays greatly with family and friends

I am hearing...a fanit country music station, the humidifier and the joyous shouts of the boys and they hop and jump outside

Around the house...it's getting cleaner, and that's a good thing

One of my favorite things...Mondays...a fresh new week to explore all the possibilities

A few plans for the rest of the week: Working, helping Karen pack for her move on Saturday, teaching the boys, watching Casey, Game Night and anxiously awaiting Aaron's arrival on Wednesday

Here is picture thought I am sharing... handsome hubby Dan (otherwise known as the Love Monkey), isn't he dreamy?!?

The idea is that each week I would do this and then I can go read the other womens blogs with the same questions....it's just a neat idae I thought. So if you like it and want to see it continue...let me know!


Our Peculiar Life said...

Came to see your page from the link off of Simple Woman's Daybook. I just picked a random person and it was you! So glad it was. Loved reading your daybook...thank you for sharing!

Beate said...

I like your daybook. Fun stuff, but anyone who can call raising boys 'simple'....heeheehee Luv ya!

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