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Friday, November 14, 2008

Staying On Track

In an effort to stay on track with my self imposed blogging schedule..here I am again just because it's Friday. I WAS going to show you some new photos, but my new software is cranky and is giving me a hassle and of course it's too late to call customer service...*sigh* So, instead, I will bore you with the mundane details about my life here in the wilds of New Mexico. Not a whole lot new and/or exciting went on this week...Jodi went back to work and the boys went back to school, but worked hard so that they could have today off. I took today off as well, since all of us moms pretty much work all the time, so I did the bare essentials and kinsa goofed off today also. So after this I will be working on my new apron sewing project that keeps getting put off. Tomorrow I have big plans of wading in hip-deep to the pile of paperwork boxes Dan and I found in the garage. I will probably kill my shredder with the amount of papers to get rid of, but it will be a wonderful feeling not to look at those boxes everyday in my room...they've been nagging me in my sleep this week...ha ha! Jodi and I continue to make plans for the upcoming holidays...her Advent book came in the mail today, (thanks, MOM) and Thanksgiving dinner is almost completely planned and bought for. The boys are already looking forward to the breaks in school and I am honest enough to say that it will be nice to have my afternoons back for a few days. School really is going well this year...David actually said the other day that he wanted to do ABeka again because what we are using right now is too easy and it's boring...can you imagine that?!? Derek got a new (to him) toy this week. Dan rigged the electric scooter with training wheels, a padded seat and a variable speed control and now Derek is zipping up and down the street in what looks a bit like those scooters for disabled people on TV (are they called hover~rounds?) hee hee! So when the software gets working again...you will love those pics...in fact, he's been wearing his bike helmet non-stop for about 3 days now...he looks like a kid with epilepsy. Wqel, I"m rambling more than usual, so that must mean I"ve run out of things to say. Bless you all this week and hope this finds you healthy and happy! Lost Boys, Mama K loves you!


Beate said...

Too cute, I hope you get the camera working, what a sweet, crazy little man you have! :) Have a fantastic day sweetie!

Our Peculiar Life said...

oh wow, you live in NM? I was born and raised in Albuquerque. Lived in Belen and Bernalillo too.

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