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Monday, November 24, 2008

The SImple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY November 24, 2008...

Outside my window...I see the blue cloudless sky that is so indicitive of the Southwest...Have I mentioned recently that I love it here?

I am thinking...about a myriad of things, bust mostly about the coming holidays and a few special visitors that we will be having. That and what I should be making for dinner...LOL!

I am thankful for...each and everyday that Dan and I have together...because even the bad days now are better than the good days used to be...ain't that grand? And for cooler days and snuggly nights, healthy boys that drive me to distraction some days and for labor saving devices like the wash machine and electric ovens.

From the learning rooms...we are taking it easy this week...just finishing up our history lapbooks and doing some computer work...no worksheets or homework.

From the kitchen...I smell the fresh baked pumpkin bread that I made last night, and thinking that I need to get back in there and produce some lunch before the little ones start gnawing on my arm.

I am wearing...my World changers shirt, black yoga pants, I can pretend that I worked out, warm socks because it is chilly in the house today...and french braids because it keeps my hair from getting into everything, and because Dan likes it so much.

I am creating...a funky new apron and it's almost done...yeah!

I am going...nowhere until I leave for work tomorrow night....so nice!

I am reading...Green Eggs and Ham AGAIN! (does that even count as reading?) and My Bible

I am hoping...that I am doing the right things with my children to help them become men that love God, their wives and their familes

I am hearing...Jose (landlord) setting up the furnace, yeah! Boys laughing at a funny TV show, the Gaither Vocal Band and the humdifier...oh, and Bubba barking...it's always loud around here...hee hee

Around the house...I need to start wrapping gifts for Christmas, writing my holiday letters, wash some windows and get some boys to turn that pigsty into a bedroom again

One of my favorite things...hugging Dan when he gets home after work and he smells like hard work and a hungry belly ;)

A few plans for the rest of the week: See 'Around the House' above

Here is picture thought I am sharing...this picture is 2 years old, but I don't have leaves to turn colors or jump in here in NM, plus Joshua is all grown up and gone now..so this is my fall favorite.

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gail said...

great post! nice looking boys. and i love the smell of pumpkin bread---mmm!

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