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Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Musings ~ 2008

As I sit here sipping gingerbread tea and listen to my two favorite labor saving devices (the dishwasher and the clothes washer) whirr in the background, I peek into the living room where all 3 boys are curled up together and watching a movie. I see into the kitchen where the cabinets are full and I think about my closet, where many holiday secrets are already hiding. I think about my favorite hubby who is off taking classes to make himself more useful to his company...and Jodi who is out doing something fun with her two boys and I just can't help but heave a sigh of contentment about where God has led us. Don't get me wrong, its not all sunshine and roses, but it IS so much better than where we were...and I'm talking about emotional places, not location. We are busy making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas...having survived the 'non-specific fall holiday' that just passed....and only having to explain to 38 people WHY we don't celebrate that holiday. At least only 35 thought we were crazy...ha ha! Anywho; as we look forward to fall weather, REAL fall holidays and the birth of our Savior, our hearts always turn toward home and family. We are so anxious to see Dad and Mom again...it's just been forever! We also think of all of our dear friends and family back in IL and spread across the country really, and I just want to thank all of you who have prayed diligently for us. For those who make efforts to keep in touch...we appreciate your letters, cards and calls so much...you can't imagine! Continue to keep us in your hearts and prayers as life is never perfect, but God is always sovereign. A few prayer requests and praises...

  • KAREN got a JOB!!!

  • Jodi is having all of her wisdom teeth plus two molars extracted on Monday...OUCH!

  • My work is headed into the busy season; pray for grace and patience as I forge ahead with only 3 hours of sleep 4 days a week

  • School is going really well for D and P, they are learning to self-motivate, schedule their own work times and work with less 'hand-holding'

  • Derek is busier than ever...and asking how everything works...I think we have another Dan on our hands...oh my!

  • Jodi and I have decided that our kids are getting smarter, cuter and more devious with each one....start praying now for us to survive...ha ha ha!

  • Charlie was in a motorcycle accident this week, it wasn't serious, but he is stiff and sore, plus his bike is messed up

  • Ricky OFFICIALLY joined the US navy this week....you decide whether that's a praise or a request

  • Joshua is working on putting together his testimony to share with the church...pray that he finds the right words to say

  • John and Dolli are making great strides in repairing their relationship...pray that they bring their marriage under the will of God and that they continue to grow closer together.

I guess that about sums it up for this week. I will be posting a few pics and then I'm out, to enjoy my labor saving devices...ha ha! Have a great week everyone!! I miss you all! Lost boys, mama K loves you!

Kristy and the Man Crew

Just checking to see if I've still got it...yup, I do!

David taught Titus how to hold his own bottle this week.

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The Ruoss Crew said...

God really is sovereign even though sometimes we forget. So glad to hear how things are going there. We love you and miss you!

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