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Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Other News...

The backflip boys

...At the MeYeR house this week, it was quite dull and lovely! The boys cooperated at school, Dan was working and the car didn't break down (thank you Jesus!) and we are getting into a nice routine again after the addition of the Starnes'. After much prayer, deliberation and looking over of the books, we have decided to stay at this house for a while longer. We'd rather wait and make the move comfortably than rushing and ending up strapped for money at the new place. Dan brought home monkey bars from the school he is working at right now and they go straight into the trampoline, so the boys can swing right in now...Karen was horrified. He also brought home an overhead projector, reams of printer paper and hundreds of dollars worth of books, CD-roms and curriculum that the school was throwing away....it was Christmas in October for Jodi and I! The funny Derek story of the week is 3 times this week I noticed that he was going commando andter I KNOW I helped him put on undies in the AM...so I finally asked him what happended to his undies and he replied (with a straight face)..."Well, them just hopped away from me, Mama." I about died! Too funny! Anywho...enough chatter, bring out the pics, right? In my fave group on cafemom this week, we had a "what's going on in your house right now picture' game...and these are the shots that I took..Ta Da!

More jumping boys

I was boiling eggs for our weekly picnic and bottle nipples for Titus after Derek found the scissors and chopped up all of the other nipples...oops!Kelly say that this looks like Titus is worshiping A. A Milne...nah, just thankful that he's in the seat and not being trampled by dogs or boys.

Shadow is waiting patiently to be let out...againJames is headed out to jump with the others...he will let Shadow out!

That's it...that's all she wrote...farewell, adieu, ciao and all that other goodby stuff!


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