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Monday, November 10, 2008

5 minute blog

Greetings from still warm New Mexico! At least during the day, we are averaging in the low 70s still, but it gets pretty chilly overnight...around high 30s. I only have about 3 minutes left o blog so here are the highlights of the week.
  • The boys enjoyed a week of no worksheets since the printer was down, but that had been remedied.
  • Jodi's teeth got pulled and she is back to work after enjoying a week home with her babies.
  • Aaron is coming for Thanksgiving, James is getting excited about that
  • Jodi and I have been planning meals for the holidays already and sharing Christmas secrets
  • Have I mentioned that having another girl around is nice???
  • Dan and I spent all weekend cleaning out the garage so that there is room for Jodi's things, and so we can consolidate what we have into a better box system
  • We have TOO much stuff, but both did a great job of saying goodbye to some old things.
  • We inherited a cat this weekend also...our next door neighbors bought a car and the kitten came with it...LOL! However, she is afraid of cats and sent it to live outside....where it wandered over to our garage while we were cleaning...and it's it's ours...Harley the II is his name.

Now I have to leave for work before I am late...love to all!

Kristy and the Man Crew

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