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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chasing My Own Tail

Greetings from sunny and warm NM! Another week has FLOWN by and I find myself wondering where it all went. We had a good week of school...especially since we decided to only do 3 day weeks and just read on the other days. They boys are enjoying the extra 'free' time, although I keep filling it up with chores. I have figured out how to make up a huge batch of bread dough and only baking up what we need for a few days and freezing the rest, that way I can just take out a loaf or two as needed, let it rise in the pan and poof, none of the hassle of mixing up bread dough each day...yeah! That is saving me some extra time so I made sweet rolls this week and I think they are the best batch I ever made! YUMMY!!
Dan is eagerly anticipating his birthday this week (as are mom and Lily) and game night/b-day party will be on Wednesday so that we aren't missing game night to go visit EK and Linda over the weekend...ROAD TRIP! Late Tuesday night, Alec will arrive and we are so excited about seeing the red haired wonder again...it's been too long, as it has with most of you. Speaking of which, I need to practice Guitar Hero today...LOL! Most of this week, I have been poring over my new book called 'Managers of Their Homes' and working on my schedule. Still haven't gotten very far, but I will get there! I'm excited about putting some more order to our days and squeezing a bit more productivity out of our hours. I've spent hours researching exactly what I need from Abeka for next school year and also researching My Father's World stuff since their Science, History, Art, Music and Bible curriculum are all in one, PLUS multi-grades in one, so I can teach one class each day and cover James, Pat and David all at once. For Derek's pre-K year coming up, I'll be doing mostly lapbooks and writing my own curriculum (how is it that he's ready for this already...isn't he still a baby??) Anyway, that's where most of my week went. Dan spent all of last weekend working a side job that he bartered his services for so that he could have that HUGE new fishtank. He even bought 20 new fish yesterday for it and it still looks almost empty...LOL!
I need to catch up on my daily thankful Blog for my Feb challenge...since Game night was last night I missed one...just a reminder...those are in NO PARTICULAR order (Winks, Kelly) so if you are last, doesn't mean I love you the least, OK?? I love you all and miss you, too~ Have a great week, loved ones!!



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